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  1. if anyone is looking for my script or scoobys( i think i may have this still) if you email me i can help you but be patient as i could take a while to reply my email is [email protected]
  2. i think i still have this script a bit of a long reply but i never check this anymore if you email me i think i have mine and scoobys somewhere my email is [email protected]
  3. the first error i see is that your missing is the alias for gusms.getid
  4. there is a way to update a ini, you have to loop through the ini and as you loop you will write it again, but when you find the player thats quiting or changing team, then when you have tell the loop to ignore him and continue something like if ( the var used for the loop == the player thats quitting ) then you need to add 1 to your var and dont let it copy the name to the new ini lol think this is the complicated way scooby will know a easier one haha
  5. [UVA]Bart

    Using $rand

    think that line 2 needs to be this var %a = $rand(1,6)
  6. if this it going to be in the prs script just have this if ($3 == !bannan) { elseif ($4 == $null ) mta.pm $1 $2 Error: Please specify a name, !bannan <name> else mta.text $1 $mta.nick($1,%a) has been bannaned by $mta.nick($1,$2) }
  7. save it all to a ini file ??? like 2 ini's 1 called teamdetails.ini [red] 1st = blah 2nd = blah 3rd = blah Players = ammount [blue] 1st = blah 2nd = blah 3rd = blah Players = ammount and then call the other one teamplayers.ini [redplayers] 1 = bob 2 = jim 3 = sam 4 = player 4 [blueplayers] 1 = bob 2 = jim 3 = sam 4 = player 4 then simply loop through all the numbers under the blue set of players and the red set of players to return all the players in that team
  8. lol try and make one for mta dm, and im not scripting any more till mta 1.0 comes out cause theres too many changes at the moment i think
  9. probably but would take some time and theres probably much better scripts avaliable for mta dm now
  10. function greetPlayer (source ) local joinedPlayerName = getClientName ( source ) outputChatBox ( "Welcome, " .. joinedPlayerName .. " please login or register." , source, 255, 255, 255 ) spawnPlayer ( source, 0.0, 0.0, 5.0, 90.0, 0 ) end addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), greetPlayer )
  11. im just saying i tried to add a new column and when i did restart the gamemode it didnt do it so i had to ither make a compleatly different named table or deleate the table and create it again or add the column with the db browser, cause when you upload a script to the community then people expect it to work out the box and when you update it and say add another coloumn to the db people arnt going to have a clue how to add a new coloumn well some people anyway.
  12. when i allways need to store a lot i first make the script save things to xml, for a couple of reasons, you cannot add a new colomn to the sql without compleatly creating the table again or editing the one you got in a browser, and in xml you can see things easier without opening the db file once you done make a convertor to copy all your cars and prices to sql by looping throught the xml if you need any help with a convertor when you made the script gimme a message on here and i will give you my msn.
  13. i think i have 1.1.3 somewhere think this is it but give it a try cause a dont think a got round to releasing 1.1.3 so there might be some bugs init [attachment=0]slr-v-1.1.3.rar[/attachment]
  14. im in the same boat as gamersnert i cant get ma head round whats happening and its comfusing me to some extent
  15. your script brings back many memories to me when a used to annoy u on msn to learn how to script then i made my own and mine and yours are the only 2 good ones out there avaliable to the public still even tho mta race is dead a think /me good times dont see u online right much now scooby where are u hiding lol
  16. yh same here anyways back to Rts i need a way to pick a object up and move it about like in the race mod i cant seem to get ma head round a way of picking the object up and moving it around on the x, y axis can some one do a mini example of how to simply pick something up and then a can try and figure the rest out ? or point me in the right direction ? thanks
  17. if you have ever done scripting before you should know how to read the players stats wether it is from my script( slr ) or scoobys script( prs ) anyhow a basic stats transfer script should concist of a command !transfer and then the script should be able to use your current nick to read your old stats and then once it has read them save streight away to the new nick u specified in the command if i still had the time a could probably make on of these in about 5 mins cause i have allready made one but cant seem to find it i will have a look anyway good luck jon if u need any help ask here and i will try help u
  18. lol ano there 2 why dont u have a look at how there made and then write ya own i working on a RTS that a didnt know what it was untill then and a didnt know a was making one till today lol but allready half way throught thought a was making a Rpg but not making a RTS Accidentally
  19. mine is a think ace_gambit does what i explained in my previous post sound anything like urs ?
  20. so u want a function somethinglike calculatePoints ( player from , player too, rotation, z, y, z, your distance away from them ) and yh am working on a rts a think allready altho i didnt know what it was called but in my version u have to get a lot of pennys first to puchase 1 of 3 plots of land avaliable for development to earn money u buy houses ingame and sell them halfway through the house bit now and allready chosen the locations for the development bits
  21. so u making one to get resources like the game stronghold ?
  22. but even if i do make it i dont have a server to run it on unless u will use it i only have a private server which is a home desctop that can just about manage 20 people playing on a server
  23. so the players have to build buildings using objects ? or have to find collect woood of go to the quary and get stone for there building to be built and it takes a set ammount of time to build every building and the building can be raised in levels to make it stronger or store more things
  24. yh but whats it like what happens in the game mode ?
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