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  1. You might want to try GTA Host (https://www.gta-host.com/mod.php?mod=orders) In my experience they are not the cheapest around, but the customer support is excelenent in every area. Its also the easyest way to host an MTA server.
  2. MTA has more features than SA-MP, and does not have a number of large bugs that MTA has, however SA-MP has a much larger playerbase, about 10x larger, and the server's can cope with more players at one time, so it depends what you prefer, more features and more stability, or more palyers.
  3. Only if fuel somehow got out hte gas tank, which is a pretty unlikely scenario.
  4. If you have purchased SA through steam it will show up in your "My Games" list.
  5. Stevvo


    What up Morelli. Use fileRead ( theFile, bytes ) where bytes is the number of bytes forward you want to go through in the file, and then just discard the data fileRead returns. Or use sql db or xml to store data in files, much more practical.
  6. Looks like this server already failed and died like i argued with simon that it would... Check the website.
  7. Stevvo


    Thanks guys, i understand it now, looks really cool
  8. Stevvo


    How does this function work? Does it create a 2d line between 2 3d points by converting the 3d coords to a 2d screen pos and making line between them, or does it create an actual 3d line with perspective?
  9. It seems like your entire player base consists of ... 36 people. I will check it out when you have a few more players maybe.
  10. Work on MTASA started before 1.1 was released, and thus changing to 1.1 would mean having to find all the memory adresses and redo alot of the work they did with the 1.0exe.
  11. I know that the developers of MTA have other responibilities and stuf, but, no changes listed in nearly 2 weeks now seems a little bit extreme, so, any news, its not like the devs ain't around, ive sen em on irc and shitz? Thanks for all the work put into mta so far.
  12. It is supported cos i play at 1680x1050 all the time.
  13. I would avoid putting both text and backshadows in icon's, when the icons are small such as in the window's start menu they look crappy if they contain text or a backshadow.
  14. This function wont work for me, it just makes the screen shake and stuf go wierd.
  15. Stevvo


    http://www.development.mtasa.com/index. ... _functions
  16. Well duh its a publically browseable directory... why else would he allow the files to be browsed/downloaded by public if he didn't want to let people use them. The url to download the script you want is: http://mabako.net/mta/login.zip
  17. Stevvo


    By default i think the ACL has 3 levels of admin: Moderator Super Moderator Admin
  18. Use this Function: http://www.development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=AttachElementToElement
  19. Wow, i thought the release of MTA:DM had come too late for it to get any real press coverage, had it been released 2 years ago im sure it would have had a much larger impact in gaming publications.
  20. This is great thanks, keep up the good work. Ammunations would be very nice in a future release
  21. As far as i am aware, this is not possible
  22. Future MTA versions will support peds (npcs)
  23. Stevvo

    Pc Performance

    I see no reason why MTA would be slow on that configuration, i run it at a constant rate of around 40-45 FPS on a very similar system, i think the cause of your bad framerate is something other than the system, try getting latest drivers for your GFX card and closing background applications, also run a virus scan.
  24. I seem to remember when you change skins they don't unload from memory properly, so when you scroll thru skins it can make your FPS low and builings flicker in and out from LODs.
  25. Ok itr works now, the old gcc was still active, now the new one is properly compiled or whatever it works perfectly.
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