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  1. If you want to make a complicated AI system then i would advise against using a closed source platform such as MTA or GTA to start from, your just giving yourself extra work, there are open source game engines out there that will suit your project alot better.
  2. Lol, i think even the MTA devs would agree that in general gameplay on a full 100 player server, your going to have less lag on SA-MP. I'm sure everyone here hates Kyeman/SAMP, but that is no reason to lie about it.
  3. The game freezes at apparently random intervals with no crash dump generated. Steps to reproduce: Play the game, will crash at random intervals. Wish i could give you more info on how to reproduce this crash but i can't see any cause, just a random freeze. Corrected by alt-tabbing and ending the gta process. Many people on IRC seem to have the same problem. EDIT: Nevermind this, seems you guys tracked it down to the fire.
  4. It's possible the gears code on the wiki is just outdated, gears has changed massively over the last year, loads of work has gone into it.
  5. Stevvo

    Admin levels

    He said "i hope the new" not "the current does"
  6. Compilation is not encryption, but i guess if all he wants is for people not to be able to read his scripts, compiling them is fine.
  7. Stevvo

    Pay 10$ for Setup

    Realistically 10$ is an ok price, for someone who knows what they are doing, it sounds like maximum 15 minutes work. You wouldn't even have to code anything, just download a few scripts from mtabeta.com and install them. I'll do it, what's your xfire username?
  8. Would be completely awesome to be able to put in your own animations, but it would be ALOT of work to implement, i don't think it would really be worth the time tradeoff.
  9. He might speak like yoda, but he speeks the truth, the account system could do with some changes. Being able to register one serial to multiple PCs would be a good start.
  10. As far as i am awarethere isn't a function that will retrieve the model ID. You will have to store the model ID useing another method if you want to retrieve it. Possibly GetElementModel would do it in DP3.
  11. You can close your lines in LUA with a ";" if you want, its no big deal, the interpreter will just ignore them. You don't actually need to do so in SA-MP either, the compiler will spit out warnings if you don't close your lines, however the script will still compile fine. Tbh, its just personal preference if you use a ";" to close your lines or not.
  12. Nope, it is not possible to display a gif image in mta. The function GuiCreateStaticImage can display PNG images. So, if you where really determined to show your lil gif, you could show each frame of the animation saved as a png and change the frames by using a timer and GuiStaticImageLoadImage. It would create a bit of download for your clients however, also im not sure how fast the images load.
  13. There is code in the admin resource that kicks players who have invalid serials. If you want to play on your server with an invalid serial, just remove that code from the admin resource.
  14. Yes its possible, use engine functions to change the COL dff and txd for that of your tailgate from those of some disused object, then use attachElementToElement to attach it to your truck.
  15. You can modify existing ones useing the engine functions (http://www.development.mtasa.com/index.php?title=Client_Scripting_Functions#Engine_functions) in a client-side script, this script is automatically downloaded from the server when a client joins.
  16. Yes, you need the handling functions in DP3 to implement that line.
  17. He didn't exactly brake off, he just changed the name of Godfather. However, many people saw it as a different server because pretty much no one from the original GF played there due to Vinny's amazing ability to ban every player in sight.
  18. function AclDo() aclCreateGroup(script1) aclCreate (list1) aclGroupAddACL (script1, list1) aclGroupAddObject (script1, resource.) aclSetRight (list1, function.banIP, true) aclSetRight (list1, function.banPlayer, true) aclSetRight (list1, function.banSerial, true) aclSave() end I think that should do the trick.
  19. He still runs Sin City RP (renamed godfather) with Blake Mandara. However, that server is pretty much dead, due to all the admins, including myself, leaving due to personal differences with Vinny. Many of the old Godfather RP/ Sincity players are working on MTA:RP (http://www.mta-rp.com)
  20. Please no... too much godfather on samp already, we don't need that infestation here.
  21. Please no... too much godfather on samp already, we don't need that infestation here.
  22. In SA, planes have an additional section of values in the handling.cfg, unfortunately DP3 does not yet have functions to set these. Here is a copypaste of the extra values for planes: ThrustFallOff YawStab Roll Pitch FormLift GearUpR WindMult MoveRes TurnRes.y SpeedRes.x SpeedRes.z Thrust Yaw SideSlip RollStab PitchStab AttackLift GearDownL TurnRes.x TurnRes.z SpeedRes.y
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