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  1. OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA funny you don't have Admin+ connected!! You are on Normal
  2. XTreme plz check you're Personal Message's in you're Menu Option's.
  3. I found that the !setprop doesn't work . I ran the server and the script's on my other pc so i didn't exprience any lagg or such. When in-game as Admin-lvl-10 when i type !command's not all command's will show like !ban and etc. The !buycar script work's but when a player register's and come's in and type's !buycar at Sunshine auto's it will come up as You cannot own more then 2 cars! yet the player never bought anything. Hmm i will put more script error's and etc. I only had one try to try it out. And all other it is good! P.S oh yeah i cannot Activate Account on you're forum's
  4. Look's not to bad yet i never got a chance to test it out. By the way i like you're Lance Vance pic up there!
  5. Would Mta:sa dm be Window's Vista compatibility?
  6. {CE}EyeZ


    like on:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !hello) mta.say $1 hello and welcome to my server! } [code] OR on:SIGANL:mta.join: { mta.msg $1 $2 Welcome to my server to see the list of command's type !commands mta.msg $1 $2 To register type !register } elsief ($3 == !register) mta.msg mta.name($1,$2) To register type /msg register
  7. You can post any type of video's lol i got one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC7tR8mbpTc
  8. As you can see the picture below is mta:vc starting to fade away seem's like not much people are playing it anymore. What would help probbely is to make the Famous MTA:VC come back from the corner it is starting to go in. Don't worry i still play mta:vc. One of the best multi-mod for vice city ever!
  9. that is why i don't use the new skin i rather use the old one like this one
  10. Ok i have found what i had done wrong i guess my isp blocked me from all the mta stuff and blocked me from downloading anything due to some wierd stuff comming form my pc so i am back TIME TO PAWN!!!!!
  11. lol i don't really care much about football
  12. [huge image removed by mod]
  13. Ok i have another picture yet wth my router's "Special ap". But i have no such thing showing a mta port for me to go onto the server's list there so i got this picture of me trying to do it. Is my port's right so now i can see if i can get any server's? But i know i have to put a UDP port so i can have a TCP port and a UDP port. So hopefully i have the right stuff writing down there. Thx.
  14. REKINIZE killed Paul527 (Stubby-butt:plug)
  15. If you need to use these script's go right ahead!
  16. This Topic "IS" just all about guessing what the date is so you don't have to go all shady on people who are just wondering let'em do what they please if you you think it is comming in a month or so ''maybe'' well then say i think it is comming in a month then.
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