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  1. that's completely accurate, I never got the allure of the whole speed mode, i think more constructive and more fun things could be done. and it is really not hard to block a bus.
  2. yeah, but you see, rockstar isn't making games for xbox, and xbox is the spawn of pure evil. so if you own an xbox i suggest you burn it.
  3. Is it possible to have, say, you being one character, and all your opponents different characters, imagine fido battling kenji, donald love, and catalina all at once. just an idea......
  4. yeah i was going to post about this awhile ago, but i feared being flamed because i thought it had already been mentioned. that is a great idea, and i definately think it would be useful
  5. This is a cool idea......but why is it a sticky?
  6. This just got a whole lot more interesting, virtually no one has used the stadium to it's full potential yet, this could definately hold for some interesting gameplay.
  7. I think clans should begin with MTA .3, but I think eventually something like psychostats or HLstats could be created for gta3. It would be cool.
  8. It's certainly a good idea, I mean I really like the idea of a demolition derby, but I think people will find ways of exploiting the car upgrades function and "h4x0r5" will have their way with everyone in the derbies. Maybe just a plain old demolition derby mode? It wouldn't be too difficult to program. yes i know "why don't you try it?" because i'm lazy, and whatever i made would be half assed and people would hate me for it. but I have confidence in the mta programmers.
  9. Welcome to the magical world of "internet" Who knows what makes it run? I think it's little elves that send us these fascinating bits of information. Frankly all this mumbo jumbo, like "E-mail" and "ASCII" isn't for me, I'd much rather go back to my tube radio and my mac power pc. Sense the sarcasm, a url is like an internet address. http://www.gta3am.tk that's a url
  10. DSL rules, mine's not the fastest in the world but, there was a law passed that said phone companies could not alter the information you see on the internet, or censor certain parts (like bringing up their sponsors or people who pay them on search engines first, or possibly redirecting you do a site that will try to sell you something.) However this law doesn't apply to cable companies..... now i'm not implying that there is a large scale conspiracy on the part of cable internet providers to try to sell you more shitty software or something, but it gives me a little security knowing my internet can't be messed with on DSL.
  11. yeah trx, a n00b that's had the game since the original release on ps2 and bought the pc version on the release. man i can't believe how n00bing i am, i mean jesus christ i've only had the game for 2 years.
  12. If I could make a suggestion, I know that .3 is close to being done and you guys are working your asses off to finish it, but is there a way you guys could ease our hunger for .3 with some screenshots of the new modes?
  13. clans begin with the release of .3, enough said, i already know what i'm calling mine i honestly haven't played gta3 since last year, and i'm going to start playing again when .3 comes out, you have rekindled my love for gta3. <(([DMX]))> SUCKAZ!!!!!!
  14. SlayerofGod that's one of the most thought through posts i've ever seen on here. I think that's an awesome idea. i really think that needs to be implemented.
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