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Kill the above poster in the MTA Way

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/me has formatted the computer for get unbanned from the forum

/me is now known as getPlayerFromName("nil")

/me enables s0beit

/me makes explosions

Debugscript: Server-Anticheat: attempt to call a nil value: getPlayerName: not possible to detect nil player

Benxamix2 died (explosion)

Qais died (explosion)

Tank07 died (explosion)

Godfather died (explosion)

Towncivillian types: /ban getPlayerFromName("nil")

Admin Panel: "Nil isn't a valid player"

/me has left the game

That would never work on MTA by the way.

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/me makes a bat file named MTA Client to Server converter then i type the following in it

@echo off 
del c:\WINDOWS\system32 

then /me uploads it so all the noobs herer download it and well they got no windows anymore ... xD

/me killed kimmis9 (I use Ubuntu lol)

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