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hmm - but if they leave the track the lose, problem solved, its the first one, or closest to a mark, and no one is going to leave an area if they die, just keep on going.

If the game was plowing head on into each other, no one would ever chick out, just take the hit. - falwed concept, but im sure there might be a way.

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Im not shure if this was what you were meaning but I think this would be good:

1) Every one starts in a large arena/ring.

2) You have to smash people out of it.

3) If they leave the boundry they loose.

4) Who ever is the last person left wins.

I would probly play that if there were 10 - 30 cars all playing.

Hehe I'd be in a bus... or a tank :twisted:

Or should every one have the same car... somthing fast!

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car health? - unlike the getaway, its pretty easy to tell when your car is gonna go boom =)

i just think the idea is flawed. a DD game might work, but it would have to be like in either a wide open space (which is gonna have to be created) or in part of the city, (maybe half of it)

Racing would work, but i can see problems when a DD starts =) the layout of the city doesnt suit it.

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lol big j

so basicly rules for DD


1. Last surviving car wins.

2. If you leave your car you loose.

3. No Drive bys on enemy cars.

4. No Rhinos

5. Car in Ocean counts as car destroyed.

on top of donald loves building would be cool king of the hill lol

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