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i was thinkin about having gang wars. like everyone gets a pistol and the leader gets like a uzi and like when u die ur leader has to respawn u by taggin ur dead body and u respawn back at like ur gangs area or somthin.

And like u get points of respect for like each person u kill on the other gangs. the more respect u hav the better weapons u get and if u die u lose all ur respect and weapons.

Also there should be one car so u can do like drive bys. But im hoping the 2 ppl in car thign would work since it will be cool hav one guy do drive bys and one guy driving :D

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I was thinking more along the lines, that the car instantly turned one colour which every computer could see when that team member stepped into it.

Like have no red AI or ped cars, and as soon as the team member steps in it, it turns blue or something.

Don't know how that works for emergency vehicles/taxis, but thats something else =)

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Gang War Wish List

1. Ability to be a passanger in a car

2. Being able to select your gangs turf

3. Ability to pick gang colors (Cars Turn Black instead of Green)

4. Hideouts/Bases in all the districts of Liberty were your gang canpickup weapons and cars

5. Different type of gang wars like kill the leader or last man standing

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In future versions you will be able to be a passenger in a car

I would say that your gang's start point would be randomly chosen

Gang colours could be chooseable (don't know how that would work) (my idea =)

Your gangcars? - if you mean like your gang gets to cruise round in yakuza stingers or something, thats ok, but id say you would either have to steal them from a gang member, or they would just be in a carpark.

There will probably be different types of game modes, team DM, VIP assasination, Team Last man standing etc.

I can't guarantee these will all be in 0.3a (i cant guarantee any of them will actually =) but they seem to be possible to code.

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15 people waiting in that alley of china town armed to the teeth

15 people in the bitch'n dog food company armed to the teeth with a couple bobcats as transportation a couple get in as drivers a couple get in as passangers and a lot get in the bed of the trucks they drive over to china town and the battle begins

the dog food company has to blow up the 3 fish market vans hidden in the back alleys like attack and defend

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then you would risk being shot by your future team mates as your race over to find the marker where you can become part of the team?

Some people will just start killing without being part of a team, others won't know how to get to an area.

Might be easier if they just choose a team/we choose it for them and they can figure it out from there.

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