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VCK - Vice City Killaz

Black Dragon

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A great round with VCP, full of suprises and close up battles. We disguised our names to confuse the enemy.

ROUND 1 VCK attacks columbian mansion. VCP set up a huge roadblock of vehicles and huddle up around the entrance. We rushed all at once and punched through the barrier. it was an all out battle through the plantlife of the mansion. We stayed close, covered eachother, and ended up on top.

ROUND 2 VCK defends the fish factory. We decided to hold up at the roof of the factory. strategically placing our persoons to cover the only entrance. Then the dodos came. before we knew it one of us was dead on the first swoop. Abandoning the roof and collecting ourselves in the stairway we stayed safe for several more dodo attacks. the clear roof gave vcp the oppurtunity to land a dodo and attack us. the pilot was killed quickly (he had no backup) and the battle took to the streets at the back entrance to the factory. another brutal batltle with people ducking in and out of cover, and VCK won another great round.

With no need for a round 3, we all decided to go for an all out team ffa with respawning that raged on for quite a while.

It was a fun match and we hope vcp will challenge us again sometime. My only suggestion for vcp is to travel closer together when attacking.


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i have no idea wat u guys are talking about but just wondering if i could try out some of u have already seen me play on phoenix name when he says his cousing is playing. my game name is halo god x mostly or rarely deadmonkey. 8)

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