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VCK - Vice City Killaz

Black Dragon

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VCK was one of the original MTA clans/gangs. We operate with Strict Rules about No Cheating, and respecting fellow gamers. (untill they prove undeserving of said respect) and boast members of many ages/backgrounds.

for a History of VCK, go to http://vck.servebeer.com and click "HISTORY"

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, talk to one of the members, and we will see about you joining.

OUR WEBSITE: http://vck.servebeer.com


(in no particular order)

HappyRock -Enforcer/Gunner

Twwix -Scout/Assasin

Black Dragon *Leader/Expert Pilot

Slothman *Leader/Special ops/Pain enthusiast.

TwigMaster -Gunner/Wheelman

Mr. Bill -Oddjobs

Jay -Transporter

Python -Bike Ninja

Vicer -Pilot

Blaze -Enforcer

MP5 -Body disposal

Nas -Extortion Expert


DeathB -One deadly MF


HeAD - ULK Council/ Harbringer of pain

N4sr - Weapons Dealer

Point_Blank - Silent Stalker

Quig - Teh Pwn3r3r


Mikiro -Founder

Skitzo -Heavy weaons/Demolition

JohnnyBlaze -Assasin/Driver

TankBoy -Cleaner/Legitimate front

G-TheftMoney -Assasin/Sniper

IcyFlare -Vehicular aggressor/Photographer

Me -Weapons Specialist

PitBull -Lunatic

N1te -special forces

Kezza -Hitman/Gunner

Shiver -Protection money collector

Flame -Vehicle Mechanic/Businessman

2GOOD -Weapons and Arms smuggler

VCK- Interfectum Promisce

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My first post in new VCK thread.

Damn, I can't believe how many inactive members we have. :( Mikiro should have a star beside his name.

Its a list on who we havnt lost hope of getting back yet/important people. The full list is about 50 people methinks. Mikiro is the founder, and JohnnyBlaze was also a leader once.

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BD, theres also HolidaY:VCKr.

And if there is such thing as "temporary inactive" put me in there

Also, after i move, I can start a forum for VCK (with permission from a leader of course)

1. Vicer your forum doesn't work, and I never go because of the long name. get something like vicer'spub.cjb.net lol.

2. we need something like vck.cjb.net or vtec can help us get a name. We dont want a site called http://www.bbfun.com/index.php?mforum=vck. Just doesn't look right lol.

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Hello, VCK....

Some of your members don't follow your "strict" rules, such as 'Respecting others until proven unworthy of that respect'. MP5 (njr1489) should know who I'm talking about.

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OMGOSH VCK JUST BEAT KFC 2-1!!! gg, realy good gg

first round:

Flares good driven skills got us the advantege, we drove down a hill, got out the car, and started blasting with our ak, we took out schark and vtec, and finished off richo, with are pride of hungry meat.

players that fought"

MP5,flare, rebel

second round:

kfc got hungry aswell, and ate up python, then ate me, but mp5 stood as a brave soldier and took on all 3 of em, talking out schark and vtec, but richo got the upper hand with his owange, and kill mp5, kfc got the win

players that fought: python, flare,mp5

third round:

Rebel got a head start and mp5 and i stayed back and lite up a cigar, when rebel took out richo and vtec, schark took out rebel with out no heath being lost, then mp5 and i came down to finish the job, but schark ran, so we had to hunt him down like a lil piggy, mp5 lowerd him down, and we chased him, he got to the heath, mp5 and i shto him down (at the same time yes) and mp5 gave me the honors of finishing him off, GG KFC

players that fought: Rebel, flare, mp5

VCK- Interfectum Promisce

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Really gg. I was the MVP of the match :D

I just want to note at the first round when flare said get out of the car, I got out and took my AK and got schark down to 10-25 hp, killed richo but was credited to rebel I think. We could of had 3 - 0 if I didn't make one mistake in the second round lol. I jumped one second late which gave richo the advantage to shoot me down and finish me off.

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