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your so close to bein finished Draco. the progress you been showin looks phat! i just got a little question about what i read when i was over there today. it says that we can choose a server in game. how is it gonna display the other servers while we in game? is it while we playin that we can check for other servers and then jump from one game to the other?

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i read the manual and it says you need to replace the main.scm file, does that mean we can't have both mta and gta3t? :(

sure u can run both

just install clean gta3 twice (ie copy 1st clean install into another directory)

then you install mta files in one, gta3tournaments in the other and voila :P

(or you copy & replace the main.scm the whole time with one folder which I wouldn't suggest)

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I added a new progress-counter to keep you informed.

Yeah, I did really much while you where waiting for news from the gtat homepage. For Example the NetCoding is now without checking your own IP only click the Server and get connected, viola!

Screens, probably Videos gonna be added soon!

Cya, DracoBlue

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Here is the first screen of gtaT VC 0.1.


Tell me what you think of!

Cya, DracoBlue

PS: If gta3T doesn't work currently, w8 plz for gtat VC the problems are really solved. Because of this fact there are now downloads for gta3t on my page. If you want to run it either open your ports 6666/6667 close IRC and try in lan, this works, SURE![/url]

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It is out!

The first Vice City Multiplayer!

Sorry, its an Alpha version, new features coming soon!

Cya, DracoBlue

PS: If you can't play, visit the FAQ in the Forum and Download Patch 1.1 for ViceCity. I made it for 1.1, because even Geforce FX-Users want to play

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