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Is this thing for real!!??

Guest Heliosphan

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I don't wanna sound like an arse (of which I unfortunately find myself doing regularly!) but ARE YOU GUYS FOR REAL!!??

I've been involved in professional software development and I know how incredibly painful it is reverse engineering something.

Suffice it to say, to tear apart the fabric of compiled code that is GTA3, learn it, then build in multiplayer support, of which Rockstar saw fit to leave out (perhaps cos they were always crap at it, as in GTA2 multiplayer support, it's rubbish) is something that would take a sh*t load of time and effort and pain to achieve, especially so given rockstar turned their back on MP support perhaps due to technical difficulties).

I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't trust arbitrary, slightly "too good to be true" code running on my PC!

Perhaps I can get some replies from people who honestly have ran MTA and seen it work??

I'm guessing tho I'm going to get lots of positive, albeit flaming replies.

And whats with those screenshots/video(s) of a stuntpark? I didn't think anybody had level editing capabilities, but that's probably just me only skimming the GTA 'community' online.

Please don't flame this, I'm just trying to determine it's validity having only just stumbled across the site!!! I'll be pleasantly surprised if it is real.

P.S. Assuming it does work, what's gaming like over the internet? Broadband as a minimum yeah???

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Go to http://www.multitheftauto.com :arrow: downloads :arrow: releases :arrow: MTA 0.2a

It's a public alpha. yes, it is real.

Level editing tools have been around for quite some time... the stunt-park featured is "The Ultimate Stunt Park", by Odie. it's pretty good.

There's another mod too, at http://www.guardians.ch/ggm

As of now, it's better, but MTA 0.3a is probably going to change that, unless the GGM mod has a new release before MTA's.

0.3a is real... It's just been delayed a lot. So many people got pissed at the MTA crew, that release dates were no longer given, and there was a 24 hour lockdown of the forum. Which wasn't fun. There's gonna be another beta test tommorow, details will be in a forum announcement. (although you might not be able to get in, unless you live in/near Holland's time zone, or you're willing to go on IRC at 4 in the morning to beta test ;)

*sigh*... doesn't anyone care about Half-Life 2?

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It's real, although extremely buggy and hard to use the first ten times. But when you’re at a lan and you finally get into the game and start blowing the crap out of the guy next to you in a car that looks something like the one in the banner. (I was in a tank and the other guy saw a beach buggy with massive wheels.) It's all worth it. :P

I guess the end result makes all the flaws worth it. I'm hoping that 3a will get rid of most of the syncing issue and the 30 ppls sound cool.

Any way if you have time it's worth playing, and no one is sure why rockstar pulled the plug on mp for gta3. But as we all know they "Didn't remove the code so a group maybe able to do it in the future." (-Lead programmer on an interview on radio over here.)

Eps - YAY Beta's...

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Thanks guys, I've decided to download it and try it out on a couple of freshly installed PCs on an isolated LAN.

I'm not concerned about a buggy version breaking my PC, but I'm concerned about the possibility of there being a trojan horse in there. In this day and age, the likelihood of a trojan in something like this is high.

My doubts are grounded in the fact that MP support isn't something that is generally 'bolted' on, but has to be taken into account from day one of game development. As it turns out, Rockstar did indeed think about it from day one, but not wholeheartedly.

Still, I'm going to download it anyway, MP support is something I've always dreamed of in GTA, it's the perfick game for multiplayer support, especially if Vice City gets the multiplayer makeover.

Can somebody in the know let us know how well it performs with lots of players? If you remember, GTA1 multiplayer was basically acceptable but suffered from poor net performance with lots of players, GTA2 multiplayer was just downright poor with any amount of players!

Worth the risk? If it pans out, OH YEAH!

Thanks again for your replies.


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You needn't concern yourself with hidden viruses or spyware. This mod is held in high regard by many gaming communities and has caught the attention of many a high profile magazine. Given that the current release is unstable and limited in it's operation, it's sole existence is to prove just what you are asking, the mod is indeed an authentic "work in progress endeavour".

I was beta testing it (v0.3b) today with 26 people and, as to be expected, there are problems when it's put under so much stress. You seem to have experience with prior GTA titles and so you're no doubt familiar with the bandwidth requirements of the networked sessions. As it stands the beta allows for players to drive, run , walk and shoot. It's no lie ;)

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Heliosphan, your first post was fine. Though you could have worked out most of it for yourself and tested it. But common, spyware and trojans. What do you take us for? Look at how many people are on the forums, I myself have scanned the file with four separate scanners. (Norton, The Cleaner, Nod32 and housecall.) Now using straight logic you would think out of all the ppls using mta that if one of them found something bad in the code, they would post it and warn other users not to use it.

If you are really worried I suggest you download/buy above mentioned programs, and scan it yourself. If anything gets past all of them it deserves to infect your system. (Yes I am aware that something’s can get past them, but they wouldn’t fit in the .2 file size.)

Eps - Pfft. Back to laptop troubleshooting...

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