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PCP is still around, only the most ppl here play SA (me included) and we r w8ing so badly for mta:sa :D :D But don't think we r dead, coz we aint, aight?

as well as waiting badly for a playable and FUN version of mta:vc... team, PLZ! :(

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=PCP= vs (RP)* 2-1

uber long game (2,5+ h) good thing i only dropped in for the third round :) tdm was played real nice with only one casulty 8) too bad studs dog ran away in the middle of the second round and he couldnt finish the game. bad dog! anyways GG

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yey im back. chronic thx for watchin ;)

so anyways pcp did play a few gta3 gangwars but at this time.. i think it will be very difficult if not impossible :? i myself havent played gta3 for ilke 6 months.. but i ll see how many players we can get 8)

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yo, plz give a warm welcome to a new honorary pwnerer to our nice club, presentin: TheNight.

i dont think he needs introducin, hes been around for quiet some time already, so lets all give him a warm pcp welcome hug :D w00t w00t

have a good and peaceful stay :)

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