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yo welcome a new honourary member: Crack. y all know him, hes been around for a long time in gangs such as ulk, koq and lately in sm. im sure that his skillz will help pcp pwn even harder 8) w00tw00t

welcom to the family crack o/

edit: what did i get my warning for? :shock:

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Stud: Im not right man to say but, why your talking same stuff to any clan? Your like another the faithful spiritual singer. Lets look at back to history:


i will proud my love for ULK,for stay always in.

i come back it's the last decision,after i stay in for ever

it's not my love team,my love team is iM,and i can't left iM.

Thanks but i think more ULK don't like me,i think it's not hard for u ..

I know im idiote, i didint even own copyrights for that but ok..

Another thingy how long does it takes till you leave again, oh sorry you said you stay forever. I have to say ur bad spiritual singer. :roll: I hope you got what I wanted to say. Mkay!

Anyway Good luck!

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