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can u run mta server on a web server

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To make more money, ISPs tend to offer more connections than they have bandwidth for. This is based on the assumption that most users won't use their connection's potential 100% of the time. I generally browse the web and only sometimes download large files or play online games.

If everyone started running game servers on their connections, it would bring down the entire network for a lot of users.

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Will comcast let you? i run a server for my friends/family to play mta. it usually has about 5 people on it. althoug, comcast yelled at me for having a fserv for a while.......

Weird , i got comcast . They opened all ports . let me run all the servers i could think of . including Apache , and a mail server .

Also i have 6 computers . and last time i check . my server (one of the 6) had 5 gig of bandwitdh wasted in 2 months (up and down)

They never bothered me . Altough i have heard of somepeople who got warning for using more than 1 gig bandwidth montly :?

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thats it, 1 gig? that month i got warned, i had 30 gig download, 25 gig upload. thats probably why they yelled at me. now i moniter mybandwith. current, (for 3 months) is dl- 75 gig, ul- 15 gig

yeah, i have flash fxp. what is the command (if there is one) to run the file?

dgtadude- wow,6 pc's! i only have 4- family pc, my pc, labtop, and server pc (bare minium, 1 cd drive, no floppy)

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i have full acces remotely to my webserver loads of space how do i run

i have no problems uploading the serverfiles but how do i start the server one uploaded

you'll need shell access to give it commands. if its not firewalled, you can login with ssh on port 22 (default port).

if its already unzipped you can just start the server by typing the name of the binary with ./ in front of it, to tell the shell it needs to execute it.

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someonme told me its site exec in flashfxp ex: site exec mtaserver.exei have tried that, but it dosent seem to work for me.

i havent given u any rights to run that script . im saving up money for another server , i will then host mta servers on that one . the one im using right now is just for websites ...

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god it's good to be back on a pc lmao, ny is fun and all, but I needs a pc :x

anyhoot, even tho verizon told me to my face not to run a web/game server I still do lmao and they haven't said a word about it in the past. Unless it causes some sort of major disturbance to their network or legal troubles most ips won't even notice.

In short, do it til the man brings it down heh.

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It is possible.. Wartech once made a php-mtaserver, but it's way outdated and unsupported at the moment.

Anyways, to run a 'real' server you'll need SSH (shell) access to your linux box and the rights to open ports.. so if this is your isp's webhost, no go.

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