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  1. i got a free 128 slot for scripters if any one is interested so hey can try out new scripts on dedicaed machine if alot of people want to use it there will have be a timetable for using i am doing this before people ask is to try get more scripts for mta dm out to get it as popular as sa-mp as it got a 2 pages in pc format this month and i want get more people on the mta and not sa-mp contact me on msn email or add me [email protected] if you want a place on server also server is run wih tcadmin so you will have a full login on that
  2. it would be great as map making takes alot of time up the old way
  3. that way is good doing a gangster script
  4. TmM_DEVIL

    tabbed gui

    how would i got at making a gui with tabs can some one share a snippet so i get the basic idea
  5. see a cop arrest script floating about on servers how would i go about making one or has some one got some snippets of it thanks
  6. any news on this has some one made it work yet
  7. me 2 for some 1337 driving skills
  8. if u got xp best way would assign a static ip in network conections then in router make sure them firewall rules point to that ip also even if your xp firewall is of add the ports to xp's firewall rules i would also get no-ip.org program then u can add a domain to your server eg mta.gotdns.org
  9. this is a kind of cheating moding cars to handle better and drive faster
  10. have a look here http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... ver_Manual
  11. the ports are set in the master server.conf just have a look in there
  12. upload the script to resources folder in the .zip then run it with webadmin or gamemode script in console
  13. nope just icons that all this is linux server if that got anything do with it
  14. does it repair or anything in or server it only shows icons thats it
  15. people really need start helping every one out with coding sa-mp has a hell of allot of coders on there forums helping each other out and some relay big scripts running we all want try get this more popular than sa-mp but dissing people because they don't no code is not helping
  16. i would also like this for my site i am building
  17. we could do with some template maps of the citys with spawns alot of cars ect to get people started with the coding they just have be very basic just get us noobs starting to add our own code to them anfd build them up
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