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Decissions... need some help.

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Well guys, by looking at the media for this "Multi Theft Auto" I have started to drool, I noticed MTA a while back but just forgot about it, now I want it...

Should I spend $40 (cdn) and buy Vice City, just to play Multi theft auto??

and are there other fun mods that will keep me happy? Ive played enough VC for ps2 but MTA!! wow.. is it really worth it?

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yes, and the progress...wooohooo, it is a million times better then PS2 version, i cant even play that anymore, unless i spicificlly DONT want a challendge, roflmao

Specifically, how much "better"?

If anything, I suspected the PS2 version would be better graphically and stability-wise...

Although the mouse aiming PWNS the PS2 controller.


I hate people who say "It all depends if you like the mouse or the console controller."

Yeah, right. Put any mouse/keyboard user up against someone on the same game on a console (Like Halo or Vice City) and the console user will get pwned by the PC user.


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)I've got a few fanboy PS2 fans.

And everytime they come to my house, I pwn them with my PC-ported games (Games that are on consoles and PC) and their mods.

Namely, MTA:VC, and all VC mods.

As well as Halo mods.

Has anyone tried that Halo program HMTv3?

You can modify everything in Halo.

I turned the machine gun into a machine rocket gun.

Anyway, the point is, every aspect (except graphics :cry: ) of a PC can smoke the consoles.


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I turned the machine gun into a machine rocket gun.

Don't you just love machine rocket guns, I first pulled it off hacking resident evil directors cut on ps1, pwned me some zombies good...

anyhoo yeah, the community itself isn't really all happy lol, being a beta mod there are still glitches and crashes, but it's about the only game I play online anymore lol.

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