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  1. Ummmmm stunt mode with infinte health would not work (eg fall in water) then ud have to reset mta
  2. Well i get a 300 ping usually and im fine i got used to it (im in australia adsl on american servers). But for 0.4 it seems if u lag ur game lags.....my radeon 9600xt struggles to run it on 640x480x32? Is it just me?
  3. Posty how do u know for sure if he has the ATi video cards
  4. nooooo that sux I love hangin out on Irc
  5. I can rap i am not crap People like me rah rah tee hee OWNED IM GOOD >
  6. HURRAH!!!! COOKIES FOR DEATHB........what type Deathb?
  7. and dont lol. Sometimes seeing people as lance vance or as rich vercetti is cool
  8. I started at the end of 0.2.2 (Player 0.2.2 for 5 days)....then ive been playing 0.3r2 since it came out.
  9. All people who play Half-Life/Counter-strike know if u assign a key to talk (with a mic) you can errrr.... talk with a mic.....Who thinks this would be a good idea for MTA . Tho it seems like alot of work.....I DONT CARE GET TO WORK
  10. Hmm... Did he mean, install the 1.1 patch (And he typoed?) Or did he mean don't install the 1.1 patch, and leave 1.0 as it is? We may never know. Oh ye i forgot the vc we buy is 0.5.....now where can i find the 1.0 exe
  11. No it won't because i said so >
  12. You find it now..................... This is mod is 5 months old
  13. could someone tell me whats going on im confused
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