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A funny slow-motion one

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Now I don't know if anyone else has run up with this but I thought it would be nice to know about it.

This bug happens when two players jump in to the air and GTA 3 starts the cinematic slow-motion, as you all know. The problem is that when the first player's GTA 3 starts the slow-motion the other sees the jumping player in slow-motion but everything else in real-time.

If you have seen the film Scary movie 2 then you should already be comfortable with this time-problem x)

This bug proved to be a very funny one for me and my friend when we had a lan party - I jumped to the air and he drove under me when I was still in the air x)

As for fixing this problem, I suggest getting rid of the slow-motion for it is impossible to use in multiplayer games unless all the other player's games slow down too (which would be quite frustating, imagine a big game where numerous players go jumping, or imagine the "new speed game mode" xD)

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All unique stunts are disabled in 0.3. The ramps are still there, ofcourse, but you wil not receive any money, nor will the camera change. A small note on 0.2: If someone presses 'Esc', that player will stay completely still, even hanging in mid-air. Actually, that's how I took my first screenshot of the guy shooting the Dodo on our screenshot page, -kinda hard to fly the dodo, and shoot at it at the same time with only two hands- =P

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