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I thought it was better then the first GangWarz, due to the story has improved.

I liked the movie alot even know it was something like 28 Minutes long it didn't really bother me alot cos I was entertained.....

What was wrong with the Tommy Vercetti robbers skin?

Quality movie Mike, congratulations again.

But a question, is there going to be a Gangwarz 3, seeing as the gang leader of the robbers is dead.. But Ash (leader of mexicans, for all you who don't know) is still alive, and he said something like the whole city is ours *for now* - does this mean another movie? But then again the actual file name was something like gangwarzfinale or something..

Anyways 10/10 always liked the GangWarz videos.

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u never know m8 with people like u with good feed back i might make another one and as u said at the end the mexs said "for now" another gang or sumthing might enter cuz the sailor was left alone ;)

Glad use 2 liked it i worked hard in better a movie that aint ever been tryed b4 thanks make me thin the stuff i done is worth while.

:cry: /me wanted the Robbers to win. Anyways a Sailor gang? What the navy coming in and taking Control? A fight on Cortez's boat would be cool though...

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/me wanted the Robbers to win. Anyways a Sailor gang? What the navy coming in and taking Control? A fight on Cortez's boat would be cool though...

actually, the sailer spawn boat would be pretty good., not to mention the boatramp

Yeah, but I was meaning for like a 1v1 showdown. And the major gangwar at the Docks boats. Then Ash vs Sailor *dunno who* at Cortez's boat. Maybe the Sailor who made that Robber leaders vest.

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Oh man, this made my Sunday. It was great! LOVED IT! When I saw all the mexicans in line shooting I was like, HOLY SHIT! :shock: I loved that 1 on 1 fight with Ash, that was great.

If you make Gang Warz 3, that would be awesome. Sailors? Heh, that's be a good idea. Nice job on the video overlal, I give it a 10/10!


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ive never watched a MTA movie that even touchs this so how can u say whats the best when there is no other movie like it that has been made with MTA?? :?

I think u got the wrong end of the stick here this aint no stunt movie.

This aint no Vice City Single player movie which r dam easy to make.

So u show me a MTA movie that is better then this or one that scores higher if u cant then this is the best which has to b 9/10.

U keep saying it aint that good but have u ever tryed to make a movie using MTA like i have and i dont mean stunts i mean a movie so until you have a movie thats in this class then u can say that shit.

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that cuz ur a stunter not a movie maker and ur Noses freind so i would expect that off u lol

Still as i said to Nos show me a MTA movie that is better...

Maybe some fun action etc etc

Like those mexicans defend haitin drug factory

U come there beat those preppies up

Then in 1 player beat that mission go fraps the end and ull have a blown up factory

Good idea u should put them to good use m8 need more movie's cuz stunt vids r now all the same spins and jumps.

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