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[REL]Clan War System (CWS) V1.2.0


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Clan War System

-Version 1.2.0-

What is Clan War System (CWS)?

CWS is a system which automatically manages your clan wars by score, but also automatically switches maps which you set. Also there are alot of other settings which you can set to however you like!

Why did you make this script?

Because remembering the score by yourself is annoying, also setting the maps by yourself is annoying. So why not making an automatic system?

Why are the scripts compiled?

The client-side script has 6949 rules and the server-side script has 2323 rules of scripting work, which means a lot of work was put into this system. A good functionality and good working script is a reason to steal it. In other words: Thank those stealers as reason for me to compile it! (Maybe later it will get released decompiled)

Is Clan War System (CWS) even fully made by you?

CWS is fully created by myself. In the progress of making CWS, I had to learn some parts of scripting. I have and had to learn these parts and with the help of some people I was able to reach what I wanted. Thanks those for the help! (Check the credits) CWS was made without tools. No tools like GUIEditor, DXGUI, or other tools.

What gamemodes does Clan War System (CWS) support?

CWS does only support gamemode RACE. (RACE:DD, RACE:DM and RACE:RACE)

The System


• When a team won, the score and map are automatically changed.

• After every countdown (Except for RACE:RACE), every player who is not in Team1 or Team2 will be automatically teleported outside the map and blown.

• No debugscript errors or warnings. (This doesn't count for the messages CWS gives)

EIW (Error, Info and Warning messages)

Most of these messages are given by a GUI window, otherwise in the chatbox.

• Errors

• Infos

• Warnings




Join Team

With the Join Team window you are able to join teams with.

• You are able to join 3 teams: Team1, Team2 or Spectators.

• When enabled, you will be placed into the team which has the same tag as your name has. (Join Team window is still able to be opened)


Management Panel


• Set points, add points and remove points

• Set the status to 'started'/'paused'/'stopped'


• Select, add and remove maps as order

• Change the map-count (How many times a map should be played)

• Search function to search quickly for a desired map (Does support punctuations!)

• A 'Save' button to set all maps ready to play.

• Map-list is only changeable when the status is 'paused' or 'stopped'.

• Everyone can see the Maps-To-Play List.

• Colors indicate which maps have to be played, is being played and have been played.


• Select players and move them to teams.


• A list which shows all versions of CWS and the changes that were made of a earlier version.

• A link to the official release page of CWS on the MTA Forum. (This page)

Note: Installing updates via this panel has been disabled. (No permissions from MTA Admins/Mods)


• Information about Clan War System

• Credits of people who helped in the progress of making CWS.




A lot of settings for you to edit to your own taste.

Client Settings


• Language

• Setting to show Status Messages or not

Binds and Commands:

• Bind and command for Join Team window

• Bind and command for Management Panel

• Bind and command for Settings

• Bind and command for Scoreboard

• Command to set the status to 'started'/'paused'/'stopped'

• Command to move a player into a team


• Choose an available scoreboard: 'Big Black' or 'Deluxe'

Big Black

• Animation for showing/hiding the scoreboard: Fade or Slide

• Position of the scoreboard: Top, Bottom or Custom (Choose your own position) When selected Custom, only animation Fade is available.

• Setting: Draw team/tag-texts in color

• Setting: Draw score-texts in color

• Setting: Draw alive-texts in color

• Setting: Always show alive-texts, even when the scoreboard is hidden

• Setting: Automatically show/hide the scoreboard on map start/end

• Setting: Show background

• Setting: Display scoreboard on top of any other GUI (Rendered by CEGUI)


• Animation for showing/hiding the scoreboard: Fade or Slide. When selected Slide, a setting to always show the status bar or not.

• Position of the scoreboard: Top or Custom (Choose your own position) When selected Custom, only animation Fade is available.

• Setting: Draw tag-texts in color. When selected, a setting to draw shadow behind the tag-texts or not.

• Setting: Draw score-texts in color

• Setting: Draw alive-texts in color

• Setting: Always show alive-texts, even when the scoreboard is hidden

• Setting: Automatically show/hide the scoreboard on map start/end

• Setting: Show background

• Setting: Display scoreboard on top of any other GUI (Rendered by CEGUI)

Server Settings


• Give ACL Groups permissions to be able to use Management Panel

• Give ACL Groups permissions to be able to use Settings (Server Settings)



• Setting for the RACE gamemode to set the name of the RACE resource


• Calculate winning team by a player who reaches the Hunter first or a team which survives last

• When a team won, then wait until everyone except 1 player is dead or until everyone is dead

• When everyone except 1 player is dead, then start the next map or wait until the last player is dead (Only if the server supports this, otherwise bugs WILL appear!)


• Calculate the winning team by first player who finishes, the most finished players or the most earned position-points

• When a team won, then start the next map or wait until everyone has been finished/the time is over


• Settings for Team1 and Team2 name, tag and color

• Setting which changes vehicle and blip colors to team color

• Setting for when you join the server if Join Team should pop up or you should be put into the team which has the same tag as in your name


• Setting to check for updates every chosen hour

Note: Installing updates via this panel has been disabled. (No permissions from MTA Admins/Mods)






The scoreboard is where you can see Team1 and Team2, the score, alive-count, maps left and status on.

Big Black:









+Added 'client_config.xml' to change the client's default binds/commands when not set any

+Added the functionality to be able to scroll through the Maps-To-Play List when the status is 'started'

+Added the functionality to Management Panel that everyone is able to see the Maps-To-Play List

+Added the functionality to the Maps-To-Play List that you now can see which maps have to be played, is being played and have been played

+Added the functionality to the Map Switch System that the 'Next is LIVE' only starts the Clan War when you finish a map according to the saved settings of CWS

*Changed the Map Switch System and Check End Of Map System in order to make the two functionalities noted above here working, which also maybe fixes the rare skipping-maps bug

*Fixed the Updater, since it couldn't receive the downloadable-list anymore

*Fixed Scoreboard Deluxe's Alive-text, which was always visible when hiding the scoreboard on setting 'Fade'

*Fixed the bug which didn't give the last team alive a point when a full team left the server on the last map of the Clan War

*Fixed the bug when a full team left the server the status got 'stopped' instead of 'paused', which resetted the score

*Fixed the bug when a team died and got the win-point, followed by the full team rejoining and CWS would play the map again and another point could be won

*Fixed some messages and texts in the languages

*Cleaned the scripts a little bit

*Changed the credits

-Removed the changing car- and blip-colors when the status is not 'started'



+A setting for the RACE gamemode to set the name of the RACE resource

+A setting for a custom position for all scoreboards

+More settings for 'Big Black' scoreboard: Draw team/tag-texts in color, Draw score-texts in color

+Alive-count for 'Big Black scoreboard with settings (Draw alive-texts in color, Always show alive-texts)

+More settings for 'Deluxe' scoreboard: Draw tag-texts in color(, Draw shadow behind tag-texts), Draw score-texts in color

+Alive-count for 'Deluxe' scoreboard with settings (Draw alive-texts in color, Always show alive-texts)

+Possibility to set a bind to 'None'

+Buttons to change the status with in Management Panel>Score (Which is now Score/Status)

+Fella into credits in Management Panel>About: Lots of feedback

*'Big Black' scoreboard lines were always drawn on top of GUI's

*Settings>Client>Scoreboard was not remembered as last selected tab

*Language (1 word was not translated)

*Changing the Join Team window command (Didn't remove the old command, but did add the new command)

-Quick Management

-Block joining or moving into teams

-Ridiculous messages



+Remember last selected tab in Management Panel and Settings

+Remember position of all windows

+Quick Panel (Change the score and status quickly)

+Scoreboard: Deluxe

+Scoreboard options (Big Black: Animation, Position, Auto-Show/Hide, Background, On top. Deluxe: Animation(, Show Status), Auto-Show/Hide, Background, On top)

+A whole new map-system (Inside the script only)

+Able to change the map-list when the status is 'paused'

+Changed update-list

*Fixed scoreboard Big Black position

*When a score-point was added you could change the status to 'paused' and back to 'started' to gain one more point (Because the map will be re-played)

*Status 'paused' to 'stopped' bug (Forgot what the effects were)

*When the status is 'started' you cannot move a player into a team any more

*Languages (Typos, grammatical errors, etc.)

*Join Team bind setting (You could bind 2 the same binds)

*Fixed saving client-settings (When you have no permissions to save the server-settings, you will get an error about Team1 and Team2 names/tags being the same)



+Vehicle headlights are now changing to your team color

*Improved variables and triggers

*Fixed bug which allowed you to bind an already used key at Settings for Join Team

*Fixed languages on grammatical errors and such

*Fixed automatically selection when removing maps out of the map-list at Management Panel

-Removed incorrect setting spam when not saved settings for the first time



First release of Clan War System

To do List







Bugs, glitches, typo's, idea's, suggestions or more? Post it in this topic!

Spread the word!


https://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... s&id=10471

Please also give a rate( and comment) about what you think of the system :)

Have fun using Clan War System! baba.gif

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I Wanna play it. It seems cool i love clan wars , turfing and thoose things alot. When will you release?

It's only a resource that helps you with counting the score of both teams, automatically setting maps and such so you can't "play it". But ofc you can use it :) I will release it if it is done. (I guess in 3~4 weeks?) Not really fast because of school and such. :)

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  • 1 month later...

Project 'Clan War System Deluxe' is canceled and changed to just 'Clan War System'. This means just the scoreboard like on the picture, but all the other windows will be made with the standard GUI codes. Just because of too much time to make a different 'GUI' system for such a small resource.

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  • 1 month later...

Since some people are wondering and have been PM'ing me about helping with this system or wanting to know how the system is doing at the moment. So just an update:

At the moment the scoreboard has been finished just like the Management Panel. (Score, Maps, Players/Teams, Updater and About) I'm making a language system. This is Dutch and will be translated to correctly English when the whole system is done. The Options/Settings Panel still have to be created. Clan War System does at this moment only support the RACE gamemode. Currently there are no DX skins, only GUI is supported, which also will be updated in next versions.

More to come in the future before releasing, otherwise by updating this system which will going to happen. Idea's welcome of course. Hoping to release it in 2~3 weeks.

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Hip! Hip! Hurray! Testing now. I totally understand you protected all your work. Yes, unfortunately some people will want to claim it their own work. So you did the best thing and protect them all.

i've never seen anyone to claim authorship of the 2 cw scripts that we had before:

https://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=2018

https://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=3577

i mean unrightful claims of authorship, so yea...

on topic, i've been really anticipating this resource, and im glad it's here finally. i understand that it's just the first public release, so something might not work correctly or some features missing, et cetera et cetera. with this said, i'd like to point some things that i noticed while using the script all alone for a brief time. later i'll bring some of my men together so we will be able to give it a proper test cw.

anyways, first of all think that the size of the score table is a bit too big:


you can clearly see how it completely dwarfs the somewhat default cw script for many servers:


the thing is that many players, in DM at least, especially from the latin countries still play in the glorious 800x600 resolution, so it will take like half of the space of their screen resolution. i understand that the table can be hidden by pressing f7 if im not wrong, but it's actually supposed to stay visible at all times from the logical point of view. so i do really incourage you to work on the size of the thing.

also, it would be great if all of the key elements of controlling a cw were in the same place. i honestly couldn't find where to change the ammount of maps that are left before end of cw. and i also i couldn't find how to start or finish or pause a cw state.


take a look at how it's done in this cw script:


would be more convenient for cw managers if your script had kinda the same design about this feature.

and one very minor complaint, it's not really urgent or anything, but when you got the time would be cool if you would add an option that lets to change vehicles headlight colour.

the clanwar2 script has it:


i didn't notice any more major flaws for now and gotta give you credit for making this map queue thing:


it will sure make DD cw managers life a bit easier and cws themselves go smoother and for this panel which tells in which cases to give a point to one team or another:


i haven't tested it yet, but it looks very promising. hopefully any bugs won't occur to me along the way. :D that's it for now, good luck with improving the script. :)

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