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  1. Hip! Hip! Hurray! Testing now. I totally understand you protected all your work. Yes, unfortunately some people will want to claim it their own work. So you did the best thing and protect them all.
  2. Great news man. Really looking forward to it!
  3. Looking forward to seeing this. Want to organize a friendly clan match within my clan for the xmas holiday. Keep up the good work!
  4. EDIT - This topic can be closed. Posted this is the correct topic now.
  5. Sent you a pm Nahar. Any other scripters around?
  6. Ok, I edited the first post. Will pay for the help of creating the race game mode. Already PM'ed one scripter I have seen in this scripting board. Looking forward to seeing some more around here.
  7. Currently I'm looking for a scripter to help me with my clan's community race server gamemode. Already have paid 32 slot server up and running, but no stable/custom gamemode on it to use. Can offer web hosting in return if you the scripter needs any. EDIT: Will be willing to pay. But Please Note, I'm not "flooded" with cash. We already have a live website which was lunched last year, as well as a number of members in the clan. Name of the clan is " Racing Legends ". See my website profile link to view it. I already have majority of the gamemode ideas noted down and all I need is for them to come to life. Fill free to contact me here, or add me on steam if you're there as well for more information. ***I need your help to make one of MTA's SA top race server.**** ~ Sleepy The Caribbean Guy!
  8. SA for mobile should be very entertaining. ^^ Hope it gets optimize for the iPad as well.
  9. ITS 2012 folks! We are looking for new members to join our MTA SA squad. Holla @ us here, or on our official forums.
  10. Yeah finally MTA 1.0 got release! Yup, we the [MOB] clan will be pwn your arse in mta sa now. Look out for some interesting stuff from us related to mta sa. ^^
  11. There's loads of topics on the forums about this " Player66 ", learn to use search or browse for relative topics related to this.
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