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stuntmenUK (sUK)


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Stuntmen UK is a stunting clan / group for MTA:VC and GTA:VC.

The clan is for people from the UK and who enjoy stunting. If you wish to join, post in this topic or PM me or Oli.

NEW - The 'old' FMJ server has now become the sUK/FMJ stunt server full time (for the time being - enjoy it while it lasts).

( )

We have a forum over at the FMJ clan fora (here - thanks to Oli)

We also have an IRC channel (#StuntmenUK on quakenet).

Current members are:


That's me (DomSpy)

Founder/Leader of sUK


Leader of sUK

aka [FMJ]Oli


aka SparX aka Looneh.



sUK: MadMike (no image yet)

aka {TmM}madmike

sUK: Chode (no image yet)

aka [FMJ]Chode


aka [LsL]Dark

sUK: Elv62 (no image yet)

aka [FMJ]Elv62



sUK: Mr Kef (no image yet)

aka Mr Kef

sUK: TURBOB (no image yet)


sUK: Soul (no image yet)

aka Soul-Blade

[edit log]

14-04-2004 --> Removed Dan from member list

19-04-2004 --> Added Mr Kef to member list

20-04-2004 --> Added TURBOB and Soul to member list

06-05-2004 --> Added stunt server info

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since the creation of the new FMJ server, the FMJ's 16 player server has now become a premanent stunt server. As there is a substantial lack of stunt servers that are of decent quality at present this seemed like a good idea.

I hope it is a success.

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wow what a fantastic statement.

Opium we have virtually no criterea... just enjoy stunting and no cheats/mods... thats it. If u want in the talk to domspy.

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what do i do to be in sUK? i am in Ns, but thats a warring gang....u dont have to accept me, but i like stunts, and it could be fun 8)

Opium, if you are from the UK, you're welcome to join us - just pm me your email and msnm (if you have one), and I can add you to the list.

Note to all sUK members:

In the next few days I will be getting in contact to verify I have all the right email addresses and to see who has FRAPS - I'm thinking of starting the stunt vid soon. It would be helpful if you contact me first, especially if you've changed your msn nick or email address recently. Thanks.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry to members of sUK - I've been quite busy lately (especially since I was accepted into FMJ).

A while ago I sent an email to all the members I knew the address of and I only got 4 or 5 replies - I can't organise events or stunt vid sessions if I can't get in touch with people. So could all those who haven't replied, please do so.


As of today sUK is not accepting any new members for an indefinite time. Until we have organised the existing members, we can't handle new members.

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