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MTA - San Andreas?* Thanks El Burro ;)


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Yeah, well... heres a surprise, i'm from Scotland and Rockstars from Scotland. Its hard to tell, I mentioned nothin about Haggis yet. Make's me wonder my own Nationality... ah, well. Nothin ventured nothin gained.

But away from that, yeah... I hope so, unless Rockstar gets the idea that an On-line GTA might work and take matters into their own hands. I guess... well i dunno, are all MTA programmers based in America... USA, Canada, Mexico or otherwise?? They might want to employ you lot coz us Scots are generous folk... Haggis anyone??

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I don't reckon they'd include multiplayer in SA, as they're still obligated to use the same engine and they haven't got much time on their hands (not as much as for GTA 3).

Anyway, I can't see it making much of a difference, just as the community will divide itself between GTA 3 and VC when MTA 0.4 comes out.

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Well, if you still only own GTA3 by the time SA comes out, I think ya should get beaten with a large Caber across the head. Now you mention it, I doubt they'll want to spoil the MTA teams fun at making us these dodgey online MODs :)

Well, by the time SA comes out, maybe 0.5 will be well into production, but then again, by the time it comes to PC, 0.7 will be in production and we'll all be wrinkly old bastards. A slight over exaggeration, if only slight.

And Vass, its not a skirt. Its only a skirt if you wear yer pants underneath, if you don't, yer a Scot and its a Kilt. Anyway, only them Neanderthal, club bearing Highland bastards wear Kilts, I tend to wear Trousers coz its a more sensible way to dress... and anyway, kilt fabric gives you a rash :)

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I really gonna be :o off if it only comes out on ps2...

It will come out on PS2 first. It would be extremely stupid of Rockstar (and no excuses given the loophole in their contract :wink:) not to cash in on these extra markets. People will be unwilling to buy a PS2 just to play one game with next-gen consoles on the horizon.

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Basically nothing except once you get bored you cant mod the crap outta it or play MTA :P

anyways I think this threads purpose has been served. MTA team does plan on working on San Andreas if it does not include mp, and maybe mod the mp if it IS included.

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