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If they could be synced that would be awesome... The funniest thing is when Tommy says something while you are fighting "I do not back down" ect.

Thier are so many funny voices ingame and if you could have 5 keys map sounds to those keys like Noone Lives Forever does

I hope this is possible

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Well, think about it: a taunting system is alwys fun whichever game you find it in. And with VC having dozens of ped audio already in there, it's just begging to be implemented 8).

Maybe it won't be too difficult to get it working and since it could make a pretty cool addition, I say n1 to the village bug catcher a.k.a turbob :P.

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Only negative thing i can c is for ppl who uses cracks.. i mean if MTA voices comes from sound disc, would they play MTA? .. i have checked voices from hard disc and they re for cinematics.. better voices comes from disc2 :P

I know there re a few cracks which puts the sound folder in harddisc but then MTA should say that "your files have been modified" .. right?

It would b AWESOME!! like KungFuGrip says..

Now thinking.. Do u know what would b SUPA-AWESOME???

I really dont know if its possible coz it would have a bigger data transfer

I mean it should b great that u work into your own skins and place them into an MTA folder to b transfered to server.. i mean ppl would c (for example) a guy looking like a shadow *drawing a black skin pic or something like this:


Its 13bytes space pic i think is not so much for data transefer :)

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I don't think that would be an issue because the majority of cracked versions are illegally obtained ones (I think there's a legal loophole whereby if you bought the original CD, you're allowed to crack it for yourself if it broke or something).

However, I can see problems in believability and continuity. True, there are loads of ped sound effects, but they all have different voices, so it would seem a bit weird if the characters said things in different voices. Also, there are certain expectations that people have, such as they would expect the Mexican's voice to be gruff and er... Mexican, and the sailor would have a (moderately) higher pitched voice than the Mexican.

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Oh come on we re just talking bout synch 1 or 2 voices from game, for example, silor would say: Dont b anything stupid*(i understand this lol)

Mexican would say: Run and save your life..Just hitting some key.

Just a few examples.. i think its not a big problem cos it plays an file wich exists in your game, its the same case than Mr Whoopee truck or car horns :)



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Took me a while to find again but:


its a cool tool. Of course the keys at the moment shud probably be changed. http://www.modstar.tk seems to be being rebuilt, so its down. if u sumhow change it so that the audoi files are fixed on all comps, then whenever sum1 presses a key, it will play it on the other comp eg.

Comp 1 goes and says 'piss off' to Comp 2 by pressing 1

Comp 1 Presses 1. Sends command to Comp 2 to play the first sound.

Comp 2 automatically plays the first sound and hears 'piss off'

prob with that is that it would be hard to make it quieter if comp 1 is further away.

this method wudnt have to be anything to do with cracks and gtavc disc 2. i reckon it wud be possible. i wud certainly luv it. but wud it be worth it?

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did you bump enough topics opium? plz dont post 1 month later just to say your opinion :?

umm, i was at school, and i was bored :P

yes synched voiuces would be excellent i would really enjoy them!!! :D


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well, that wudnt be hard to fix,just put a 10 second limit, so one 'screaming gurl' per 10 secs :D

Yeah, Tribes 2 has that. And it gets only a few spammers (I think the timing is slightly too generous, but not too bad).

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i noticed some talk in the first page about cracked versions of the game, and who has what audio file, etc. The voices for tommy that are used when he's driving or killing, his random one-liners, are stored in the sfx.raw and sfx.sdt files, in your Audio folder. these are files that are installed whether you choose to install the radio stations or not, and whether or not you have a cracked game, they're there. in other words everyone has them, and about 99% of ppl dont ever mod them. syncing isnt an issue.

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