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Redspike is making a permanent dedicated server place for us, we will start running the dedicated server when MTA v0.3b is out. We'll help him with his mod by making a MTA version for Gta World Online.

He's from the Gta World Online mod and he's still searching for some mission coders, you can contact him at -REDACTED- if you want to help him.

Gta World (Online) is trying to get GTA3 VC to GTA3 (LC).[/u]

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:twisted: HI

i am redspike i am currently making a mod for gta 3 called gta world online with the help form vogel and my mod team

it wil i clude new mission and a mta multiplayer bit made by mta of course , but the main feature of this mod is to include vc and liberty city in one game a t once :!: !! :P bt as u know vc for pc is nt out yet so we hyave only been working with the ps2 version wich is nt fully compatible with pc.


We still nead misson coders so please if ur intersted email -REDACTED-

or if u want my newsletter email -REDACTED-

thanx guys i will keep u informed :D

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Hey there,

HELLO Redspike team ,Im not sure if im reading this right... is this correct ?

Redspike team and MTA team in the future plan to bring out a mod that links liberty city and vice city into one big city....is that correct ? :?


1: How will this work ?

2: Will i have to have both GTA3 and GTA Vice city installed on my PC?

3: If im in liberty city and want to go into vice city ,will GTA3 shutdown and GTA vice city load up ? and will i spawn in a new place ?

4: Will there be a road linking the two citys ?

Thanks bye.

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1. basicaly it will link both citys with a bridge

2. we will probally use the vice city engine so u need vice city

3.it will work by importing all the .dffs in to vicecity from gta 3

4.When we have done the main part of the game we will include missions

ps we still after new mission coders email -REDACTED-

also a new player model is being designed


a new website is also being designed



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YEAH the idee of redspike to put two citys together and to make new missions for multiplayer is good and i hope it'll work. But you say (redspike) that you use the vicecity-engine but MTA 0.3b is only for GTA3 and not for GTA4 and when i think there will be more features in the original GTA4 like to shoot in the wheels, it won't work, will it? :?::?::?:

Another question: Will you change the carmodels in your mod or stuff like that? :?::?::?:

Sry for my bad english i'm russian!

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ehh, my post was deleted :\

shoulda edited it to at least say what i said wrong...

h3@d, who knows how he is gonna pull it off, i suppose its possible seeing as its pretty much just a newer version of the renderware engine (Tony Hawk 3 and 4, GTA3, GTA:VC are a couple of games that use the engine) so porting it wouldnt be so bad. Problem is porting stuff like physics and actual code like as you said shootable tires and stuff. You would most likley need the actual SDK from rockstar to do any of the fancy stuff... Just my guesses tho.

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ok todays questions ansewered

vice citys main.scm is not the prize as i said before and also it is only so most of u guys can muck about with it if u know mission code other wize dont boffer donloading it but the PRIZE for the first ten will be sent out to day and its still secret


well as u know i made a mistake again when i said vice citys engine because i meant we rip from vc and add to gta 3 :D ok

2ndly all the new cars r finished and shots willl be on the site soon!!

ummm? oh yes now i remember :!: we still need mission coders :!:


I am designing a ingame model chosser and ingame mta menu for vogel

but THIS IS STILL UNDER HEAVY DEV and could go wrong but i am working on it any ways 8)

thanx guys keep posting comments i will reply

and first newsletter post is today maybe it depends if we have time

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Hey red dude, I already have most of the game files dissassembled (with wdasm32), because I am trying to get a working patch for my BATTLE OF BAGHDAD map, as well as other peeps maps. My question to you is, what do you want coded? I am reluctant to saying I will help, because all the bugs in there are crazy. I use SoftIce and I have a hell of a time with debugging this game.

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