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  1. So Im assuming there isnt a solution yet for this credits problem?
  2. I think Ive got the same problem. When I clicked Send Game Request and switched back to the game i still have the credits. Btw, sometimes when i swithed back to the game i get a blue screen with wierd characters.
  3. ASAP = As soon as possible? heh. i wonder if that [email protected] guy will ever be back here and say a few words... lol
  4. lol. mta site and forums arent blocked in my school. All those big game site like gamespy.com are blocked, but I just used the ip to get me there and hopefully when this community grows bigger it wont get blocked from school.
  5. Itu has posted 3 posts but it says that he only posted one...
  6. Itu has posted 3 posts but it says that he only posted one...
  7. Well, the MTA team were lucky they thought of the name first before other mod makers.
  8. what dll files? does it come with .3b?
  9. SPAWN killing... my favourite action. You should get banned for that.
  10. Somehow I cant get Fraps to record avi movies. What do I do after I pressed the hotkey? Let it roll? All I got was a 2 k avi that cant even be opened.
  11. Maybe we'll be able to talk to tem mates using a radio on a police car in the future.
  12. Capture the flag kicks ass. And so does capture the whoopie. I play CTF in UT2K, Jedi Knight.... etc... and now, theres a new flag that can move! Its whoopie
  13. Where do I go to sign up for the newsletter? I cant find it.
  14. I think Speed will be the best gametype next to CTW, so let em go at their own pace.
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