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what do you all think about...

What do you think about lightpost spins/spins off cars?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about lightpost spins/spins off cars?

    • I LOVE them
    • they're ok
    • doesnt seem to require much skill
    • they SUCK

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spins off of streetlamps and trucks :\

im just curious, we've been seeing alot of these in recent videos so i just want to know what peoples opinions are.

I for one, dont really like em. it doesnt take much skill, and i think that a stunt video should be a demenstration of skill and originality. i mean, anyone can run into a post doing a wheelie. (no offense to people who like these tricks) but hey, i prefer to see non-accidental stunts. however the occasional accidental stunt can be pretty funny =D

so yeah, vote in the poll, and post opinions or replies :)

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lol smacktard. the spins off of lamposts are fine, you just have to get a really good one. not one where you just do a 360 or 720. im talking about one where you actually do something with it :)

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