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Back in 1990 a BBS door game was created called Pimpwars. Why not a GTA3 conversion of this? Sure, it might not have all the complexities (as this would probably require a lot more coding than anyone wants to do) but I think the basics would translate well.

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seems like a'sure to offend' koth variation.

control all the crack wh*** and remove anything in your way =)

not having played that bbs game (i spent most of my time playing lord and bre =) i guess i have the basics no?

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The problem with a game like that would be that many people don't want to play an hour for the game to finish :(

I've suddenly realized the potential of MTA... I mean, there's strategy (Pimpwars, gangwars), racing, sweet game modes that no shoot-em-up has ever had, team games (police, ambulance, firefighters).... the list just goes on!

I so hope that Vice City is close enough to the original to be MTA'd (I made a new word! yay!) :D:D

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ooh call the dictionary people :P

I like the idea of VIP games etc;... Each team has a VIP and you have to destroy the other teams VIP. If your team is bllx and just runs off you lose, but if your all working together to protect yours and destroy theirs you win.

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i would like a vip game like this:

There is a VIP on each team and they both show up on everyones radar.

Both team spawn on each side of the city. Just say Team A has to get to team B's spawn site and vice versa. and if the vip gets killed there team loses.

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