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Bad Santa

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Well it is getting close to Christmas and I though I would make a holiday video. This is not a stunt video at all. I thought it was o.k (not great, not horrible(ok, maybe horrible) ) considering it to be a regular video. Tell me what you think and what you think I should put in the next video.

It is 28mb so it will be on for about a week (depending on the popularity).

if it stinks it will probaly be off by Sunday if its good it might be on longer.


Santa's BMW is used as his sled

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WOW . I have to say ... This aint no stunt video but it is Probably the best "story-lined" gtavc video i have ever seen . Everything went along with what the music sayid . Very nice snow mod . And man i wish i was santa to have that sled :wink: ...

I don care if anyone say im wrong but i would give this a 10/10.

Congrats. Man :D . (I was really bored , but after watching this video i cant wait for christmas :) )

P.S: One tip . If you did a stunt movie like this , people would give you 11/10 :D . And if you need help , contact me at "[email protected]"

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