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ok so i was in mta and i started talking to my self *cough* my friend. and heres an excerpt of it..

tyzorg2: WOW

tyzorg2: i did a 400

tyzorg2: kool lol

tyzorg2: HEY MAN

tyzorg2: hey

tyzorg2: whats koing on?

tyzorg2: nothing much u?

tyzorg2: nah nothing here either

tyzorg2: hows ur mom good?

tyzorg2:yeah shes good thanks

tyzorg2:hmm thats good

tyzorg2: so how about lunch?

tyzorg2: sounds good

tyzorg2: yeah

tyzorg2: theres a new greek place..

tyzorg2: really!?

tyzorg2: yeah its by the gym

tyzorg2: wow sounds good!!

tyzorg2: yeh the gyros are great

tyzorg2: u should try the platter

tyzorg2: oh i had that b4!

tyzorg2: it has the salad and the sandwich

tyzorg2: YEH it does!!

tyzorg2: uh huh

tyzorg2: ok see u at 8?

tyzorg2: k

tyzorg2: bye

tyzorg2: bye.

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um... wow im litteraly speachless on this one, i dont know quite what to say to a convo like that.... u might wanna get some treatment or something to carry a conversation like that on with yourself, and then post it on the forums and all...

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ROFL!!! nice! NICE!! I love it! k you are SO getting aop in #spam if you ever join that chan!

wait you guys dont talk to yourselves like that? like when your bored or alone for long periods of time?... or your trying to figure out something so you make up a person to get a different point of view (just sometimes that person dosnt want to leave OH WHY WONT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!?!?! shut up you! AWWW WHY DO YOU ABUSE ME! i said shut UP! *smack!* AH!!! STOP IT HURTSS!! AHH!!! shut UP! you dub bitch *smack!* smack!*)

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