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Spawn Spots...

[PiG] Ponch

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I thought it might be a good idea, if it's possible, to have a spawn point selection at character selection. Either by choosing any spawn point or selecting a spawn point associated with each character class.

It kinda sux when someone hangs out at spawn points and gets a in few cheap kills, and the game keeps putting you in the same place... It would also make it easier to get to the action, by being able to choose where you spawn...

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having 2 differant spawn points for each character might be a good idea. So first, you get to see where all the fighting is then if you want to be close to it, you choose the closest one but if you don't want to be close choose the far away one.

Don't know if that made sense but i'm too lazy to think about it properly.

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Naaktloper: You mean, completely naked? Are you sure they aren't just wearing a really tiny bikini?

Chances are that if they're completely naked, then someone has probably installed the 'naked strippers' mod.

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i've had Candy Suxxx, the stripper behind the bar at the Malibu, the one with the pink g-string on and the one with the red top on + suspenders are there any more?

The Pole Position club could be a new spawn point for the robbers or in stunt mode, trick turners.

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