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Create my own server

Guest ZeUs13

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How do I create my own server??? Can anybody help me????


Okay... not to sound like an ass or anything but you're asking how to setup your own server.

Thi makes you look lazy stupid and incompetent.

Not only is it very simple to do but it is also outlined in the manual for all to see.

Also, you question you asked shows how lazy stupid or incompetent you are because you didnt' even bother looking in the manual or using the search button.

If you had looked in the manual you wouldn't have asked that question and if you had used the search button you would have found other threads saying the same thing... "READ THE MANUAL"

To read the manual CLICK HERE.


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Not that I am some kinda vet in here, but that wasn't a very strong first post. First impressions last ya'know. I believe this is my 10th post and I am honestly posting this just to pad my numbers so don't be sore at me. I have read about every post here. I could pass a quiz about just about any question or controversy on the forum and I could write a thesis for my MTA PhD

READ before you write!

When you make someone start a post with "Okay... not to sound like an ass or anything " :shock: not good. Read for yourself and you will be annoyed by people like you. You will look forward to seeing the follow-up slam post.

To whom it may concern,

I am officially vcpd_kungfugrip now! :D cooler sig to follow

damn, I should have made that post 11, well too late now I already clicked submit. :?


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