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    This is an excellent example why I simply dont' post on these forums anymore and why I rarely even come to view them. Also why MTA:VC is something I barely play now. (I'm hoping the new GTA3:MTA will bring the game back to life for me) I just can't stand the pathetic immaturity of these people. Its just too pathetic and annoying. I can't tolerate it anymore.
  2. Kong


    Hey leave me out of this!
  3. IT says DVD because GTA:VC was ported to the PC from the PS2 console. The PS2 uses DVDs not CDs. If it can't read from the DVD then it would stop the game and display that message. I guess it's just something left over in the game from when they ported it over. For the PS2 it would read the files off the DVD, for the PC it reads the files off the harddrive. It can't find the required file(s) on your harddrive so it displays that message. They just never changed it for the PC. That's all. Re install the game like suggested. That should fix the problem. Unless your CD is damaged and its not installing the game properly.
  4. I said that in the first line right above you.
  5. No offence but you did seem to know what you were talking about. However using only 5-7kbits is not realistic. At most we are talkinga bout 900 bytes. That aint gonna happen. Then you make that comment above. Makes you look like a pathetic brat.
  6. Kong

    Vice City STUNT

    Now I know where it's coming from. From time to time playing MTA i'd come across money on the ground. I never knew where it was coming from but now I do.
  7. Kong


    I never noticed this bug at all until I started using MTA:VC. I've noticed it in all version of MTA but never had it happen in VC alone. I think it has something to do with passing through textures/walls that you shoudlnt' be able to pass through. I've had it happen a number of times when taking jumps. Hit the wall of a building too hard and you go right through it and appear out side that coffee shop in little havana. Freaky and weird little bug.... also very annoying at times.
  8. I'd possibly like to see Military or Army as well.... whatever they are called. Yes it can be argued they are all law enforment so why not make it a sub-class.
  9. Okay... not to sound like an ass or anything but you're asking how to setup your own server. Thi makes you look lazy stupid and incompetent. Not only is it very simple to do but it is also outlined in the manual for all to see. Also, you question you asked shows how lazy stupid or incompetent you are because you didnt' even bother looking in the manual or using the search button. If you had looked in the manual you wouldn't have asked that question and if you had used the search button you would have found other threads saying the same thing... "READ THE MANUAL" To read the manual CLICK HERE.
  10. It's called lag. Also, MTA is very buggy. There are times a car maybe there for you but not for others. WHen this happens the car for the other person or persons could be in a ditch somewhere on a road not being used or even being driven by someone.
  11. That is reason enough to not touch anything. Go get daddy or mommy or your dog or something. LOL Don't play around with something you're not familiar with. You could expose your computer/network to online threats and that will not be a good thing.
  12. Kong


    You've obviously never played singleplayer fully. It's great driving around drunk in the game. Your vision is all messed up, the screen moves without you moving, your controls are all messed up. WHen I'm on a Stunt server all I do is drive around drunk. LOL
  13. I think the real question is why the hell does someone buy an Emachine. LOL I dont' know why you wont' upgrade the OS on that computer. Install Win2000 and it will run fine. It will probably run better with Win2000 on there than Win98.
  14. You shouldn't set anything into compatibility mode unless you have to and in most cases you dont' have to. Best to just pretend that setting isnt' even there. Now, why do you want to deactivate that mode? Why is it enabled? If it's enabled then you musty have set it that way. So, to deactivate it you do the exact same thing you did to enable it. If you dont' remember, Right-Click on the shortcut for the program and then click on PROPERTIES. Click on the COMPATIBILITY tab and at the top you should see RUN THIS PROGRAM IN COMPATIBILITY MODE FOR... with a check box beside it. UNCHECK the check box and click APPLY. If it is unchecked then leave it alone, compatibility mode is already disabled. There you go.
  15. Yeah I found that too. AFter a little while the slightest bump will cause them to explode... sometimes in mid air on the first jump. It's like driving around sticks of TNT. No warning and then suddenly BOOM.
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