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Sick Trips

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Hey, thanks for the feedback... it's a bit tongue'n'cheek - for those who slate - smile once in a while and stop marking those students homework!!!

ARNOKE - you get it!! Cheers m8!

Andyroosoft.... do you charge for hosting?

I made an RM beacause I thought I'd try it out. If there are loads of peeps out there who want to make love to an AVI, then I'll post only AVI's... don't matter to me - I have a computer, not a Scientific Calculator.

Even if I did, I wouldnt play games on it!



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the best yet ... i've had this on repeat for 10 minutes ... largely for the music admittedly but nice flip too :D ...

tongue-in-cheek perhaps Dr_Spain?

do do do do-do-do-do-do-do ... naah nah nah nahhhh nana na

hehe :D

more please .. oh ... and the name of the music if you will ...


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The tune is

Cy Coleman - Parisian Women

I found it when I was training to be a nonchalant welder in Austria. The Salzburg School of Welding offered me a song every week, if I played the flute using my unusual gill, situated on my neck- under the left lobe. This track was one of the songs given to me and the first time I heard it, a baby was born, 4 people died and a car was stolen, burned out and recovered by the local council 5 weeks later.

Sometimes, in the summer, Otters play with Squirrels. However, my experience has led me to believe that they were actually weasels with wax jackets.



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