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i understand why there are no peds wandering about the game, but would it be possible to include cops? it would be easier to track them because the number of cops at any one time wouldn't be huge.


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a traditional cop, like they are in single player.

so, like, you're being chased by an ai cop cos you shot somebody...

that's round about when somebody in your team rams the side of the cop's car with a coach or something...

see? :P

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i have no idea of the technicalities of it, but surely the code in the game for "he shot somebody. chase/arrest him" would exist and be useable somehow?

LOL i even got a better code...what about this one?: "noob posts bullshit. delete/ban him"

usable somehow?

thx kenny now i got a sig :lol:

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ive never seen such a bunch of retards in my life someone makes a suggestion and they get slated for it. u need to grow up and experiance the real world.

btw great mod

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Wow. You got a lot of balls making that your first post. Don' be surprised if you get flamed soon.

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised either, as there's a lot of idiots here who think that the number posts someone makes equals how much credulity to lend to their ideas. :roll:

This is *possible* because the MTA team *could* add about 15 police characters to the game using the mission script. Same sort of technique as adding cars, you just set thier "threat" level to be anyone who fires a gun near them and they'd give chase. When they died/got destroyed they would be respawned BUT THERE ARE HUGE PROBLEMS.

Firstly, transferring thier locations to everyone in the game will make it lag like there area 15 more people connected than their actually is.

Secondly, we are all aware of the bugs from cars that respawn without everyone being updated, so they end up wedged in the ground. Similar errors would occur with cops.

Thirdly, desyncronised cops roaming all over the place would be VERY frustrating and could even crash the game.

Fourthly, cops destroy gameplay. They destroy it in GTA2 and they would destroy it in Vice even worse because of syncronisation problems and the additional connection load.

Neat idea but too many inavoidable problems to make it worthwhile, I'd suggest. :(

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Rebel, Warlord, if you'd stop being so anti-Noobistic (cool word), since they make more players to a good game, and by experience, they'll become even better. Mocking them now helps nobody, just tell them what they're doing wrong, don't attack them for it.

And Cerbera shows, as the only one here, intelligence from somebody else than "Newbie" ranked poster (me, curly, Flesh Eater, DrDre, don't mind it, it's not for you).

Think about it, since the "Experienced One" rank hasn't got any other requirements than 30 posts.

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so u guys wanna mess with me :?: LOL im not worth it coz im the supa-hypa-noob :!: since im using this forum ppl call me noob,asshole and arrogant they say im flaming other ppl WTF? im just kidding around and ive expected u guys (kenny included) would take it easy and laugh about it. i was wrong +ive already been warned by ijs, shows me that i gotta change my forum using style. I think ive been using the wrong communication level :?

i want to apologize at all pll i have "flamed" in this forum.

+ive changed my sig......peace :)

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well u do ave a reputation now + sumtimes its hard 2 get rid of them

well the reputation of a rebel is and WILL always be bad (cant find a emoticon who would fit in right now)

whatever i dont care about fame and stuff, in our system (society) its more pathetic than meaningfully.(im sure many ppl will take this the wrong way)

if some1 dont gives me a chance to change myself than he's my official flaming victim..heheh i can switch between levels :)

sorry that we drifted off topic... :wink:

true evolution consists of always-lasting revolution.....cya

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