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VCP (Vice City Police)


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Played Wars

9/28/03 || VCP vs VCK || LMS || 2-1 || +30

10/4/03 || VCP vs VCA || LMS || 2-0 || +50

10/11/03 || VCP vs SM || LMS || 2-0 || +50

10/25/03 || VCP vs VCS || LMS || 2-0 || +50

10/26/03 || VCP vs SSR || LMS || 3-2 || +30

10/26/03 || VCP vs EAST || LMS || 2-1 || +30

Total Points = 1240

Next Scheduled War

None Currently

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You think we can count those matches? Sure they were official, but they were played before the ladder started..

And with VCA (and SM too i think, not sure) we stopped after the second round, because we already won... but with the ladder system we should've played a third round for the puntos!

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I'm not saying it's incorrect, im just wondering if we can count them, since they were played before the ladder system was introduced and we werent really playing by 'ladder rules'.. If nobody has a problem with it, it'll be fine though. They were official matches, and we did win them.

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SSR doesn't have a problem with it. And we do have the prettiest opening posts in all our topics, which is the political equivilant to a great haircut. 8)

im glad u like urs, but i still think that ours pwns :P i mean comon, our clan has got all of our sh#t together, thats a pretty damn good thing.

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theres a match next weekend at

20:56:40 Sat Oct 25 2003 GMT

psot in our "VCP Lounge" if u can be there, hope u can make it, we also would like backups cause usally ouor ppl who said theyd come dont, so hope u guys can making, im giving u a full weeks notice

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i wish that bill would just get over his fears, and ask if he can join vcp already :D comon bill, u know where u whant to be, IN VCP :P and hmm, i think that we should talk to the east gang and schedule a match asap, and as far a saturdays games go, ive said this once on msn, but il refresh ur memory ig, make the time 1-2 hour earlier then the gang wars have been starting, becuz i have something to do at about 4:30 my time (im not sure what time that is gmt :P ) but make sure that it works according to my schedule eh :P

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ATTENTION VCP MEMBERS, we have a upcoming match tomorrow at

VCS : 20:56:40 Sat Oct 25 2003 GMT

and if u can participate please post in our "VCP Lounge" topic and etc.

and we have schelued a match for this sunday against EAST, at

EAST : 21:00:00 Sun Oct 26 2003 in GMT

do the same thing if u can participate in that war

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