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Public traffic, cars, pedestrians, cops...

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That was one of my big let-downs when I started MTA. Pedestrians are one of the biggest part of GTA. It would probably be way too many models for everyone to see at one time online. (think of the thousands of things around the city that would have to be rather accuratly syncronized between 5-30 players at one time.) I hope it will come soon but I don't think it will....

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Well someday there will be a massively-multiplayer game like Vice City that can have hundreds of players and thousands of pedestrians and heavy traffic and it will be seamless, but that won't happen for a while

Ahh... they are called MMORPGs.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games


City of Heros

World of Warcraft


All I can think of at the moment.

They ahve been around and will be around.

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