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Gang Headquarters Map (opening post has image)


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wheelman, dont be so :o arrogant. they clearly stated its a first come first serve, and they told you how to go about taking the drug factory if you want (challenge the other gang for it) but theyre not just gonna give it to you because your one of the bigger gangs out there.

Sad to say I agree. Why have a list and a map if we can just demand a spot.

Not to say we can't hold it down in the game but we should fight VCXS for it, More fun that way anywho.


he meant best gangs im sure.

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for the last god damn time....i dont care what the map says i really dont...im just saying that we own the drug factory, meaning that everytime we are on the drug factory is ours, this other gang can have the little map location thingy cuz i know they prolly wont wana challenge us just cuz of the fact that ive never even heard of them, im just saying unless someone can overtake us, when we are in a server the drug factory is ours ONCE MORE im not demanding the map spot, as i dont care im just clearly stating that the drug factory will be held down by kfc

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I better say it b4 another gang gets it:

VCP has switched to the Scrapyard as the official base due to the map shifting ban.

btw, that brings me to say: VCK shouldn't be allowed to use the mansion as there is a shift point at the main doors, and through the back entrance.

*ducks to avoid thrown beer bottles*

When was this interior ban made? Can you link me to the topic/news article? I don't see why it makes any difference. To my mind it's sensless; the interiors load instantly in MTA:VC so there's no advantage to the defenders or disadvantage to attackers when using them. This rule is unecessary and removes many of the finest locations imho. :?

Wheelman, if you don't care about what the map says then there's no need to argue about what the map says. Are you the founder/leader of KFC anyway? It's ultimatly the leader's decision where you guys go. You seriously need to get your gang organised! :lol:

(EDIT) I see your signature image has the Marina place in it, yet it doesn't recognise KungFuGrip as one of the bosses in the KFC gang when his signature says he founded it. That's some seriously unco-ordinated gang presentation.

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wheel dont even think of flaming ssr, theyv never done anything bad to anyone, and theyre a very respectable gang, cerb even has mod status in the ladders section. quit with the whole fucking my prick is bigger then your prick thing jeez. lately all youv been doing is looking for a fight, and im not the only one whos noticed it. quit it. iv never had a problem with cerb, nor has anyone else that i know. hes one of the more reasonable people around here.

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heres my official response if i was wrong in posting that


and heres my official response if i was right :snipersmile::indian:

p.s. dont worry wheel, i can easily solve the enuf for one lifetime issue *pulls out the stubby* wanna see? :)

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not in here fellas.

anyways, the mansion is where vck stays. during gangwars we will remain outside in the backyard and maze area if people truly object to us being inside. of course, we dont want you other gangs leaving your blood all over our clean carpets anyhow 8)

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Heya, we not a full clan yet so dont stick this on the map or anything but out base will be the cool boat hosue near the Airport you always go on about.

P.S. My name is actually >TcR

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Oh right, so thats the boat house u ment. Sorry bout that naRc-E. Ok well erm, i say we have the cool place behind the Ammunation in Downtown. You need to use the steps at the opposite side of the road to ammunation to jump the gap. This was also done on a mission (I forget which one)

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You have? I honestly havn't seen anyone request that building properly yet. I'm genuinly sorrying if it seems that I've been ignoring you, I just didn't realise anyone had claimed it amongst the bickering KFC have been doing in here. :roll:

However, I thought the Evolution gang used the }EVO{ callsign and had the Ocean View Hotel as thier base? Have you guys changed location now?

DeathB, good to know that despite the rather inactive nature of SSR it's still regarded well! :D


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Cerebra this (-E) clan is a new one , its different from the {evo} and btw {evo} closed , they no longer exist.(they all went to another gang i think)
GRR! It's Cerbera, as in the TVR sports car, not Cerebra! :o

Cheers for the info on that Xenex. Are you totaly sure they disbanded? Did they announce it in a thread anywhere? I'll have a rummage through the topics myself to check this, don't want to go through the lengthy process of chopping bits of fresh radar textures to cover up the references to them and re-do the text section if they havn't actualy closed down fully.

As the (-E) clan is seperate I'll add them to the boathouse as soon as I get word about }EVO{ I think. No point me updating to add a clan when I may have to remove one too...that would be almost like work! :)

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Oops sorry about the name, i always tought it was kinda like cerebro ( x-men) sorry about that , in my language your name almost sounds means beer (cerbez = beer) and heres where it says they closed : http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... sc&start=0 .
Looks like the changed into PWA, then changed into }EVO{ - which means there are two gang names listed on the HQ image which have both closed? Screw that. If gangs aren't even at the standard of maturity where they can stick with a name then they don't deserved property, lol. :D

I'll permanently remove the references to PWA and }EVO{ if no-one from their gang(s) has posted here to explain how they should be listed...if at all.

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ok ulk has decided on a base. we will take the construction building. as in The building you had to blow with remote controlled helis during one of Avery's missions. its the one on ur right right before u cross over the bridge into starfish. if u need more clarification just ask and il get in a serv with ya and show u. but were claiming it :)

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ok ulk has decided on a base. we will take the construction building. as in The building you had to blow with remote controlled helis during one of Avery's missions. its the one on ur right right before u cross over the bridge into starfish. if u need more clarification just ask and il get in a serv with ya and show u. but were claiming it :)
Right, I take it this is a new gang then? You don't seem be listed in the official gangs list so you aren't eligable for a property. Are you representing a re-named VCP or something?

I checked the official gang members thread and found that Evolution truely have disbanded, and I found that PWA was also created by them. Such a pain having to get bits of clean radar textures to cover up the shit organisation of gangs like that, grr.

Whilst checking the gang members thread I noticed that -E where officially listed, so I've given them thier property too. Whew, quite an update! :lol:

(EDIT) As the text in the bottom-right of the image was starting to get out of alignment I've added a couple of lines for me to work to. Also I've re-positioned KFC to the Marina Sands Hotel and change the where the BDG gang were noted so the -E property doesn't get confused with it.

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