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HELP ME! When I Stop Moving My Mouse Around My Character Looks Up In The Sky And Spins Rapidly to the Right! Can Somone Please Help Me With This! I Cant Play MTA With This Happening.

If I Get In The Helicopter I Keep On Spinning Around And Downwards Till I Hit The Ground!

PLEASE HELP ME! :cry::cry::cry:

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My guess is you set the keys wrong in the config. (hit esc to get the menu), or you just got a screwed up keyboard. Unplug and plug it back in then restart you computer.

Seems like if you're always SPINNING you set left or right as something constant?

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Nope That Aint Work Ive Plugged In 6 Different Keyboards! It Isn't My Computer Cuz GTA 3 works fine and vice city doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't do it but every 7/8 tries it does it. my keys aren't set wrong ive checked that.

Any other ideas? i really need to fix this problem. :cry:

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stick a piece of paper in your numberpad keypad thing. im serious. i had teh same problem. with my controller, when i didnt realize it was the z axis. seriously. it fixed it tiill i found out what it was... crap.

OH and mta i have an error report from a crash that happenned. http://host.deluxnetwork.com/~rancer4/f ... compat.txt thats the crash report. i was in a cop car, shooting out the window at a guy in a car beside me, it didnt crash at first then after a few shots, game crashed. maybe he shot back.

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Wat do you mean? do u mean put a peice of paper in my Mouse Port on in my Keyboard Port? cuz im not using a joystick or anything like that!

do i put the peice of paper in a circle around the port?

Any by the way the reason you crashed was because u cant do drive by shooting. it is not supported yet

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If yaz want ill get rid of that Boob Jiggling Thingy, what do you mean u want a vid clip? a ckip of what?

Ive tried using a different mouse and keyboard but it still does it.....

last night i sorta fixed it by holding down the Look left and the look down buttons. but it still does it when i let go.

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