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  1. So, there you go! My translation, a little bit late but should be readable for English understanding people and for those who wan't to know what a pro has to say (yea, a pro heh ) (atleast more understandable than that rough translation ). And as you can see, my English sucks. You can message me if I have bad grammar areas so I can improve 'em.
  2. I had the same problem but i walked always back when i had my wheel and pedals plugged in my computer. I just unpluged em and it works. Any joysticks?
  3. Uhm... eh eh... Not so important but alt+f4 is a quick way to exit game AND IT DOESNE'T WORK IN MY VC!!! Ahh . Anyhow it doesen't matter.
  4. Nice work. Hope you will make weapon map aswell. There are molotovs on bridge. I haven't seen many weapons just chilling around lol.
  5. Yes. Thank you thank you MTA team. You id great job with 0.2. It has still some bugs "as planned" lol because this is just beta. This MOD really adds new dimension to VC and it's hard to imagine how I have managed to live without it . Keep it up!
  6. Now click start game. Then browser window will open and open ur vc.exe. then you'll get in game and then start multitheft auto from menu.
  7. It's awsome!!! DEV's you are the best! Wohoo... This is something i wanted to multiplayer vc be! Hope there will be more game modes in 0.3!
  8. Oh yeah! Great job so far team! Hope they will squish just little bugs so we don't have to wait too long! And I hope there will be good mirrors when it'll be released! Wohoo!
  9. HeKeZu

    Rp servers

    Some serious gang games would be awsome. Someone host a gang roleplay server (when 0.2 comes out) and server should have password in it. I can see it: Two streches drive to mansion from different directions, 2 gang bosses with their bodyguards have set up a meeting. But everybody isn't there, 1 is missing. And suddenly a shot comes from the roof and kills cuban gang boss and firefight starts.
  10. Simple: buy the game . There has been few games in last few years which have been worth of buying and VC is definately one of them!
  11. I have that problem only few seconds after start so no big deal eh. Soo what's your OS, mine is win2k and works pretty well. I feel sorry for you
  12. I bought w2k and it is the best windows operating system. I have tried xp but I DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALL. All my games ran terribly and so on. W2k is the best and i have no problems with games (except some dos games).
  13. When you step in you should get an info message from MTA team that tells you some stuff like: press camre change key while on foot to see cars in radar, no driveby shooting or hunter weapons are synced and so on. But why do you want to step in it anyway .
  14. I read somewhere that DEV team (if i can call MTA team like that) said they had 1 experimental boat, but they don't have time to include the needed code for boats in 0.2 and they have their attention now on ground vehicles (HURRAY! Maybe I can get a cuban hermes ) . Boats? Maybe in future.
  15. Well if you could see pings in 0.1 they would probably be two times bigger : EDIT: It would be great fun to know up and down stream ammount in 0.1, yea right
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