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  1. you know what? these fool up in this piece be tryin to front. im just gonna go ahead and be honest... that was THE BEST video i have EVER seen. you crazy fucker with those awesome credits and the red sky at the end... wonderful. great coordination between lyrics and images. then, when i think im into the groove of the video, shit goes all crazy and im seeing some fucking sick as shit. i would like to see someone try to top the production values of this video. p.s. good job.
  2. ahhh cheer up... im downloading it now. ill be going to bed soon, ill watch it in the morning... im sure itll be sweet
  3. its simply that your computer needs to take a few moments to render it all. when that happens to me (rarely, now that i have my new pc), i just stay still for a bit untill the world catches up with my stuntin ass!
  4. /me checks his bank balance... BUMP, may i have a word with you??
  5. totally awesome gf. got some good momentum on its side, pretty cool. it was a really slow video for me though.
  6. goat'

    Im new

    so, MDMA? motivate, demonstrate, motivate again? what about: Look, See, Do? its easy to remember, if you think of it like this: LSD. its stuff to live by
  7. i mush apporogize, but this seems impractical.
  8. goat'


    yeah, youre tellin me it sucks... i downloaded vcmm like 2 days b4 it closed. i was like, wow, this is excellent. auto install, huge download list, what more could i want? i want it to be open still, thats what i want
  9. i think it goes without saying that the MTA team is focusing on whats on their plate, not whats thawing on the counter in the kitchen. i also doubt that the code will be similar enough that the team would even feel like attempting a port of any type. i think its probably impossible. i dont own an xbox, so what do i care anyway?
  10. 1. i agree, i have wasted my entire ammunition supply on high pingers, no damage. its just a side effect of trying to let everyone play. find low pingers and blast the fuck out of them. 2. there is a weapon map MrBump put out. thats all the weapons. in short, no those weapons arent included yet. 3. there are 40 (aprx) more cars, totalling 80, a vast improvement. use the del key or right click on mouse to find a car. they are very evenly spread out now. be grateful you only have to run a max of one minute to find a car no matter where you are. 6. they didnt want someone to spawn somewhere only to deck themselves with nearly every weapon within 40 seconds. go to another part of the map to find a weapon differant than the ones you spawn with. 7. god, with the boats again? maybe in the next version. till now, play SP if you want fun in the sun.
  11. hey, havent been in irc for a few days, but just so you dont think ive been inactive, ill let you know i have been in the essentrix server, dallas, alot. i have spent hours aday killin. im about ready to get back to my first love: stunting. just im me sometime guys. people i have been killing on a regular basis: BR clan (all of em) Extacy trom ASJ something or other and a bunch of other no name noobs. watch out for that Jason Vorhes though. he means trouble.
  12. yeah buddy, thanks for providing the server. now purify the thread. BRUN
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