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anti cheating/trainer


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ok i own GTA:VC

and i was using a no cd crack and it was all fine got mta 0.2 connected fine, but now the same crack that worked dosent work anymore and when i got the exact crack someone else was using my MTA client said i have a trainer and i can now no longer connect to ANY servers not even my own

ive searched everywhere even uninstalled MTA and VC but i cant find the file that keeps the client info, eg servers and username etc, and i need to delete that file to even be able to play without a cack, any ideas

cause i badly wanna play and i can even if i do fresh installs and not use cracks!!!!!!!!

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ok i cant understand this.... u own gtavc and u use cd crack? why? and if ur having problems with the cd crack why not but the normal vc.exe back in the folder and try it? and by the way, it might be registery values that ur looking for, not files...I dunno, U check.

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i use cracks cause i hate changing cd's all the time, i mean it is perfectly legal and ive checked every single registry setting for mta i could find

and ive uninstalled MTA and VC and deleted all their directories and reinstalled with NO CRACK

but somewhere there is a file or reg entry that stored the info of our usernames and the last server we used etc for the client and that file/reg entry is now permenantly set to 'you have a trainer' until i reinstall windows

and trust me im not using ANY trainers

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look i work for a lan centre we have 40 copies of VC and we dont have cd roms in the machines this is to make sure clients dont steal our cd's we HAVE to use no cd cracks and MTA is extremely popuplar at our lan centre and if this trainer shit happens with the no cd cracks i wanna know if there is a way i can fix it and try another crack, its NOT illegal to use no cd cracks as long as u own the original cd and we do own the originals, so if u dont mind can u tell me how to re-enable my client so i can connect to servers?

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Come on MTA team, some of us aren’t a bunch of noobs coming here screaming mta sucks at the first sign of trouble and we're not all warez monkeys but to play on LAN we can't have multiple copies either, please give us a simple server side option to turn that stuff off for at least to debug if it makes you feel any better. :(

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ok i just left the game and all of a sudden it let me in but now im getting weird mouse shit *goes and tries another crack*

but if i get the same prob again ill remember the file in windows

ive got 40 copies of MTA to install tomorrow so i have a feeling something will go wrong

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no trainers whatso ever im using a no cd crack and it let me connect im using the fairlight one and all their ones work with MTA

but i thought my character walking in circles was a problem with the crack tried another and it got me for a trainer when its just a crack

is there some kind of timer that lets u rejoin afterwards or a way to fix it so u can get back in striaght away???

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First off, if you need to reset all of your Client settings remove the mta.ini file from your Windows root.

If you want to just reset the game path (to point to a new exe), then start the Client with the -resetgamepath Argument and it will force a prompt upon starting a game.

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