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I can't believe no one's thought of this...

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)Well, someone might have already, but I can't find it.

Cops + Criminals = Fun.

2 teams, cops and criminals.

Switch at the end of each round.

You figure out the rest, but here are a few examples of its potential: A group of criminals steal an armored car, so there are a few cheetas escorting an armored car.

You hear on the radio "stolen car, requesting backup". You turn on your siren, and follow the pip on the map, along with 3 other cops, heading through the streets.

A few swat vans move in and start firing on the armored car, and the criminals who keep shooting at them.


That just an idea, and I'm sure that you'll be able to come up with better things, but here's another one: If a criminal's wanted level increases, so does the accuracy of the pip on the map, and when the criminal has 6 stars, it's aiming right at them. Then the cops move in.


Just some ideas. All I'm saying, is that there should be a cops and criminals based game mode. It's what Driver was missing, and what GTA3 was missing. Perhaps all can be made well by MTA.

(oh ya, and if a very nice moderator would think about moving this to the General Discussion forum, that would be nice, because I'm sure it would get more exposure there, and since there is so much to discuss on this idea, it needs lots of people discussing it :D

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it's a good idea, but i say you shouldn't gain stars, it should be a gang war held in the airport, the criminals(terrorists/mean people :oops: )should be getting off a plane there, and they start next to a plane..("the one they get off")

according to FBI intel. they have got say 60 Kilos of SPANK! between them and are need to be stopped,

for the police, you need to get your sqaud car, whip out your ak, and stop them from leaving the air-port.

so say there is 12 members of the criminals each has 5% of the spank they have to get as much of it to the check point at the shoeside vale bridge where there buddies(just peds put there by syncing)

the police there should be say 17, i should say FBI actualy..anyway, thye have to kill the holders of the spank and collect the spank, now if the teams are too unfair, the criminals instead of AK's(both get ak's for fareness) could get grenades and Ak's.

theres so much you can do with a mode like that, hey MTA team if you need any creative game mode designers and researchers i'm your man, i have time and i have a wicked imagination.

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unfortunantly - despite your enthusiasm - cops and robbers type modes have been suggested multiple times!!!

not going to loc this thread cause there are some good idea, but the idea was one of the first considered in the old forums.

Ive probably locked one or 2 on the subject in this forum as well =)

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I hate to bring in my bias to action gun games, but how about a counter-strike type of mod. I mean I know it's "Multi Theft auto" But there's ways you can incorporate cars into it without them being the main focus of the game.

One team of Terrorists, one team of Counter-Terrorists. There are hostages somewhere on the level, the C-T team needs to find the hostages and bring them to their base, or the Terrorists could find them first and kill them. Whichever team does their deed first wins the round. Or maybe just team deathmatch?

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Just because it says auto does not mean it has to have autos at all. GTA has auto in it, but there is much more than just stealing cars.. most of the missions could be done with out a car. (all tho less fun) plus i think DM is going to be in MTA.03b anyway

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