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Cannonball Run mode with dedicated handling setups


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Hopefully me promoting my Total Handling Overhaul for Vice at every opportunity has made people more aware of it. If not then perhaps we should remove the rocks those people are living under and use them as coastal defences in preparation for rising sea levels...

What I want, what I really, really want, is for MTA to support a street race mode - which in GTA1 was called the "Cannonball Run" mode. I can forsee some logistical issues setting this mode up, such as where they line up, having balanced cars to use and precisely how races are started BUT I beleive the effort would be well worth the results! :lol:

Hopefully this game mode would load up my handling "overhaul.cfg" file instead of the normal R* "handling.CFG" with the effect of making all the cars perform in a more realistic and involving manner. Hands up those that like using the brake pedal to weight shift into turns?

*duely raises his hand*

I'd also like to contribute in the form of picking which routes would be raced and other such factors. I've had much experience (a few years) coding missions for GTA1, so I am aware that one can only achieve what one can code. Because of this I feel I would be worthy of a place on the team to supply ideas (and the handling) for this, if you decide to take it on.

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don't forget the other RC bandit race... the one at the beach.

I'll tell ya, the one on the beach is the bandit race.

and the one on the airfield with the RC mini apache is just for one player, if they would place it in the game the team has to make it able frou 4 players (I don't know how). And the RC mini apache is too hard to fly with it, so I think it's not needet to put the RC mine apache in the game, just RC bandit and RC red baron would be OK 8)

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What about loading handling configs and similar config files direct from each server so if you want a racing server with racing setups, it auto loads for you? Is that possible, or should I go back to bed with 10 super models and take off my $250,000 Rolex?


Yeah, that's ideally what would happen. Sort of like Unreal Tournament does, where it says it's downloading the files you don't have from the PC you are connecting to if they are required.

That way would be better than having "deathmatch.CFG" and "streetrace.CFG" as they could both be altered client-side and still load up. :(

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