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LateNightKillaz - Not a clan, not a gang; just fun


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LNK is not really a clan or a gang. It is mainly a community for people who play many different games including Battlefield 1942, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament 2k3, Earth and Beyond, and more.

We play games, chat, and make logos (like the one above), wallpapers, and animated gifs.

Anyone is welcome. This does not require any sort of membership or initiation. You don't have to wear any tags (even though some of us do to show support) or anything like that; all we ask is that you participate, behave yourself, and most of all: enjoy and have fun!

You can find us at: http://www.latenightkillaz.com

To get to our message boards, go to: http://www.latenightkillaz.com/yabbse

You can find us on IRC at: irc.gamesnet.net, channel #lnk

Check us out, we'd love to hear from you!

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