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Aprox how long until 0.3 release?

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I dunno with peds/traffic, because each individual player sees different peds/cars because the game generates random peds/traffic, so everyone has different peds/cars, it would be soo amazing if the team could pull it off tho, i have faith in them :D

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And done is it so late,

we know that it's done when it's done

, but that's so a bad and so long...

You can't hope for a day...

Say 1months, all say shit and

than you release it 2 weeks further...

Than are all happy, bad tactitcs i know...

But... 0.3a we need you :wink:

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I know you all can't wait and it's of course very good if people want to congratulate us, but guys.. everyone wants to know when v0.3 will be released and if everyone is going to post these kind of threads then the forum will be full of "when is v0.3 is going to be released". So to keep the forum nice, please watch the news on the site and of course the threads and announces here on the forum. I hope you understand I must close this thread now.

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