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Front 'n' Back Packer - new double ramp jumptruck

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I thought I'd make a quick post here to advertise my Front 'n' Back Packer, a gift from me to the stunting community. :)

I've already posted in the Other Mods section, here, but it seems not many people actually look in there. I thought more people would see a post here.

If any of the mods think this classes as spamming, feel free to delete this post, I won't hold it against you. :wink: I genuinely think people will be interested in what I have to show though.


Available on VCMM or as a manual install from my site.

* * * For use on private servers/LAN only * * *

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WOW nice work m8

i hope MTA see this and include it in there next mta release

i had an idea similar to this , but got no clue how to make :cry:


peterbog ,

any chance u can make another packer with a ramp that extends past the front of the packer in the air ?

Thanks again Champ :D:D:D

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were can i get that and what is vcmm? lol i really want that

You can get a manual install version from my site, http://www.petebog.com

Vice City Mod Manager, or VCMM, is a program for automating download and installation of mods for Vice City, mainly cars but there's some maps on there as well. Their site is http://www.gtavicemods.com

And remember, if using the packer on MTA:

* * * For use on private servers/LAN only * * *

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