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Chat Balloons / Message near player's character [TALKING]


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When player type a chat, it's like his/her character says something. OfCourse this don't have to be inside the balloons, but a small text near the player's character would be very helpful.


1. Easier to indicate

2. "Talking" Feature

What do you think, folks?


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That's a great idea but that should go by a second button chat. You'll have to ask on the chat where's someone to meet up so you can speak privately in-game with the second chat button.

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im not sure if this was mentioned but what about a voice mod.. like you could hold down mouse3 (scroll button) and use a mic to talk to people [just like in counter-strike]

That's a Great Idea. I thought of that too, but I was worried if the Audio Stream would take an extra bandwidth.

But, yea.. I would like to see this feature to be implemented too! I'll give my vote!

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I think the voice mod is a good idea (for the one who has a microphone - I have) but you may configure the voice button (not MMB becouse some players -like me- are using that button allready) by yourself

Yea.. I hope MTA:VC could have its own button assignment, apart from the in-game one. <

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