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This mod is much better than DM.

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What the hekk is wrong with you guys!
There is no reason to keep playing on Race because MTA:DM has race too in it (the race resource tho)

Well i know that but that's what people are really doing! Why do you think new comers that prefer race download race thinking that race is better but in fact its old and outdated. I think that 1.0 should be called 'Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.0' instead of 'Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas DeathMatch1.0'

I totally agree with this, since it would be a lot better description for the mod in general. Nowadays there are Race, RPG, Freeroam, Deathmatch servers etc. so the word "Deathmatch" doesn't really cover all of them.

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undoubtedly the best racing mod that exists in the world, none, nothing matched, unfortunately, it could improve even more or at least leave it as before and give it more publicity, would be immortal as well ... I hope everything will return to a as before :(

My youtube videos including MTA Races

Just explain why it is so better than 1.0?

What does it have better?

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